Steve Wallis said that without his wife’s support and influence, he would probably still be a struggling documentary-maker living inside a recreational vehicle. Wallis’ wife, Jessica Audrey Wallis, who never appeared on camera on his YouTube channel and whom he exclusively referred to as ‘Beautiful Wife,’ inspired Steve to pursue a successful online career.

Wallis earned over 150 million YouTube views by posting videos about non-traditional camping styles. He showed people how to camp anywhere without purchasing expensive equipment. Wallis often celebrated a successful camp setup by drinking a beer. 

Steve Wallis will take a break from posting following the sudden death of his wife. 

Steve Wallis’ wife died unexpectedly on the night of 20th August 2022 

In Late August 2022, Steve Wallis uploaded what he described as ‘the hardest video he’s ever had to film.’ In the short video, he announced the passing of his wife, Jessica Audrey Wallis:

“I am just gonna take my time and pour my heart out a little bit here. On Saturday, beautiful wife and I went to bed; on Sunday, only I woke up. The last I don’t know how many days, it’s been an absolute shock.”

Wallis said the praise on Jessica Audrey is not exaggerated. “They say this about everyone who passes away: that there was no one else like them; that they brought a smile to everybody’s face,” Steve continued. “But she was the real deal and anyone will tell you that.”

Steve didn’t publicize Jessica’s cause of death, only stating she died in her sleep. Tragically, Jessica passed away a couple weeks after the couple’s 5th anniversary. On 5th August 2022, Steve wrote on Instagram:

“Happy 5th anniversary Beautiful Wife! Thank you for taking this journey with me. I couldn’t imagine a better partner to go through life with.”

Wallis encouraged people to donate to food banks and homeless shelters in Jessica’s honor

Steve thanked his followers for the condolence messages he would undoubtedly receive but said it would take him a while before reading and potentially replying to them. However, Steve said his social media manager would organize the messages for him to view later. 

Wallis urged people to donate to food banks and homeless shelters in Jessica’s honor. “Please donate to your local food bank, donate to your homeless shelters,” Steve said. “That was Jess’s major thing she liked to do.”

Steve said he and Jess used to carry packages in the car to give to the hungry and homeless. “There’d be a water bottle and some socks and deodorant. We had these little packages and she’d love to give them out like that,” Wallis said. “It would mean the world to her if you guys could do something like that.”

Wallis said he would take an unspecified break from social media to mourn his wife. “I’m signing out for a little bit here guys,” Wallis said. “I’m not going anywhere. Jess wouldn’t want me to stop making videos or anything like that. I’m just going to need a little bit of time.”