Some true crime stories are so shocking you wonder how they haven’t gotten more coverage. In 2006, Stacy Wilson fell victim to the murderous rage of Shorn Samuel at a bus terminal in St. Vincent. Horrified travelers watched as Samuel chopped Wilson’s hand and severed her head from her neck.

Samuel appeared to revel in his achievement as he held Stacy’s head high for the crowd to see. He reportedly kissed her face before throwing it on the ground. After police arrived, he threw away his weapon and knelt in surrender. The unremorseful murderer saluted the crowd as police arrested him. 

Stacy Wilson’s killer, Shorn, wanted Stacy to marry him

Shorn Samuel visited his distant cousin Stacy Wilson regularly. He became unwelcome after his interest in Stacy turned romantic. However, after Shorn apologized, Wilson allowed him to keep visiting. 

Before long, Samuel rekindled his romantic interest in Stacy. “After that he would come again and start molesting Stacy,” Stacy’s mom, Nanton, testified during Shorn’s trial, per Searchlight. “He would come to our house before she (Stacy) leaves for work and say girl I love you and you have to be my wife.”

On the day of the murder, Shorn first confronted Stacy at work. She dismissed him by saying she didn’t want to talk to him.

Samuel approached Stacy again as she left work in the afternoon. Stacy resisted Shorn by refusing to answer him and going about her day as if he wasn’t there. When Shorn sat beside her on the bus, she moved to sit with another passenger. 

As Shorn moved closer to Stacy, a curved blade fell out of his pocket. Frustrated by Stacy’s refusal of his advances, Samuel pulled out the weapon and attacked Wilson. Stacy escaped through the window and attempted to hide under the bus. 

Unfortunately, Shorn got to her, pulled her out, and chopped her right hand. He then decapitated Stacy. 

After the murder, photos of the gruesome crime scene filled the internet. At Stacy’s burial, Pastor Terrence Haynes requested that people stop sharing the pictures. “Life is getting cheap,” he said. “We need to get back to a state of normalcy.”

During his trial, Shorn requested a move into a single prison cell for his safety. Samuel also declared that he wouldn’t respect the national anthem as it played in prison. Justice Gerthel Thom reminded him that he had to abide by the prison’s rule, having earned admittance to the institution. 

Shorn initially got the maximum penalty for a murder charge: death. However, he appealed on the grounds of diminished capacity and had his sentence reduced to life imprisonment. 

Samuel’s sister, Rosette Samuel, killed her boyfriend and son before committing suicide

In April 2013, Rosette Samuel, Samuel’s sister, killed her boyfriend and their 1-year-old son. Samuel’s boyfriend was due to fly to Guyana before Rosette killed him. 

“I just can’t see her doing that,” Rosette’s aunt, Zina Jack, told I-Witness News. “The last time I spoke to her, she said she was bringing the baby for us to see in June.” 

However, another relative told the outlet that Rosette suspected that her boyfriend, Dason Peters, was cheating on her. Peters was found lying dead in the doorway. Rosette and the child lay side by side in her bed. 

After escaping the house through a back window, Rosette’s son from a previous relationship, Dondre Samuel, alerted police to the shooting. Rosette left a suicide note explaining to Dondre that she killed the toddler because she didn’t wish extra responsibility on Dondre. 

She also wrote that he’d left enough money to fund his education. Rosette didn’t mention Peters in her suicide note. 

By then, Stacy’s mom had moved on from her daughter’s gruesome murder. However, Rosette’s murder-suicide refocused attention on Stacy. Stacy’s mom stated that she never wished ill on Shorn’s family.

“Everybody meeting me and telling me how God answers prayers and what goes around comes around,” Nanton said. “This thing happen to Shorn’s sister, and you’re looking for people to say we have to forgive each other and pray for one another, but some people acting as if I was praying for something bad to happen.

Nanton implored people to let her move on with her life: “Stacy has died already, I accept it. I am trying to move on with my life, but some people just making me get sad, because I am trying to get over the loss of Stacy.”