Seis Manos is different from what you are used to in Anime shows. It is set in Mexico, far away from the Japanese setting of normal Anime shows. Because of this, it has received the title, MexicAnime. It embraces Mexican culture while giving us everything we love about Anime.

The show has become a hit, and it shows that American production companies can compete with their Asian counterparts in the Anime category. If you’ve watched season 1, you will be wondering when season 2 will come out. Keep reading to find out all you need to know about Seis Manos season 2.

When will Netflix release Seis Manos season 2?

The production of Seis Manos was handled by Powerhouse Animation Studios. Powerhouse Animation also created Netflix’s fan-favorite title, Castlevania. Netflix hasn’t confirmed whether we will get Seis Manos season 2, but the show’s creators, Alvaro Rodriguez and Brad Graeber, have stated that they would like to continue telling the story.

According to Bubble Blabber, Graeber said; “We have scripts for season 2 and plans for more seasons after that.

The show’s renewal hinges on how fans react to the show, Seis Manos has become a major hit, and it has a 92% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. Based on such a rating, it is very likely that Netflix will order a second season.

Even if Netflix renews the show now, we are likely to wait for a long time before we get season 2. According to Deadline, Seis Manos was originally ordered in May 2018, and it dropped 17 months later. Based on this timeline, we are likely to get season 2 in 2021. We will keep you updated as news filters out.

What to expect in Seis Manos season 2

Apart from revealing that there is a story ready for season 2, the showrunners didn’t give anything up about the plot. However, the last episode of season 1 gave some pointers on what will happen in season 2.

In the last episode, the siblings came up against an enemy that they couldn’t destroy. Despite everything they threw at him, they couldn’t defeat him. The battle ended when Silencio offered himself up to go with this supernatural beast. We all know that Silencio is struggling with his dark side, and in season 2, he might give in to it.

As the episode draws to a close, the man refers to Silencio as ‘my child’. It looks like he is about to reveal something to Silencio (maybe about his parentage), and we should find out what it is in season 2.

Meanwhile, Silencio’s siblings vow to rescue him. In Season 2, we will see how they plan to defeat an adversary who has already proved to be so much more powerful than them.