Sabrina Prater is a TikToker who went viral for posting cross-dressing videos. Prater’s bio reveals that Sabrina has cross-dressed since childhood and is working on coming out. Sabrina’s videos usually involve a short dance in which the TikToker shows off a particular costume. 

Recently, the background in Sabrina’s videos has raised concerns among viewers. Some have raised concern about Prater’s well-being, and others have started conspiracy theories attempting to explain Sabrina’s life.

The TikToker has blown up on Twitter and TikTok as the theories spread like wildfires. It has prompted Sabrina to step forward to set the record straight. 

Sabrina claimed that people are targeting unfairly by spreading lies about the TikToker

Sabrina Prater took to TikTok Live to address the conspiracy theories raised by fans. Fans have come up with all manner of theories about Sabrina and even reported him to the police. 

Prater initially appeared to ignore the rumors, but it soon became too much to bear for the dancer. In the video, Sabrina appeared visibly distressed as he presented an emotional plea to fans to stop targeting him. Prater said:

“Here I am, uncut, violated again for me. I didn’t do nothing wrong. You guys got to stand up for me because I am being wronged. I am sick of being hurt by this. I’m just like anybody else. I just want to be loved and accepted. I don’t want to be hurt like this. I didn’t get violated for sexual content or nudity. I didn’t do nothing wrong.”

Prater seems to be the target of unfair criticism because of how he appears in his videos. 

Franklin ‘Sabrina’ Prater is a construction company owner who’s bought a house that needs remodeling. It explains the rundown background in his videos. 

In the video, Sabrina cried out for help. “If I didn’t do nothing wrong, why am I being violated again?” Prater. “Somebody help me, please because I’m being wronged.”

Sabrina has gotten some help from Twitter users and TikTokers urging others to leave him alone. For instance, Mischa Coldwater tweeted:

“The stereotype that non passing trans people are secretly monsters is one that kept me closeted throughout my teens and 20’s. Leave Sabrina Prater alone.”

Prater has also gotten financial help from fans who’ve sent money to his Cash App account. Another silver lining for him is that he’s gained thousands of followers within days. 

Some TikTokers compared Sabrina Prater to fictional serial killer Buffalo Bill

It’s unclear when the conspiracy theories against Sabrina started or why they became so viral.

The theorists pointed to weird things in Sabrina’s videos as supporting evidence for their claims. One theory claimed that Sabrina is an addict with a criminal past. 

A popular Reddit theory claimed that he was a person of interest in an investigation into the disappearance of two women in his hometown of Flint, Michigan. It also claimed that he has two daughters and a son. 

Perhaps the most shocking claim against Prater is that he is a killer similar to fictional serial killer Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs. The fictional Bill murdered overweight women to create a ‘woman suit’ for himself. 

Many netizens have expressed their disgust at the comparison. Twitter user Larinitis tweeted:

“I find true crime interesting but the community as a whole is so entitled and invasive. The Sabrina Prater shit on TikTok is sickening. Jumping straight into ‘oh this gives me Buffalo Bill vibes and then contacting hackers to deep dive into Sabrina’s private life irks me.”

There is no evidence indicating that Sabrina is a criminal, let alone one as sickening as Buffalo Bill.