Ryan Paevey got into acting through his stunningly good looks. He didn’t plan for a career in the entertainment industry; without the intervention of modeling scouts, he probably would have become a track and field pro. Paevey found a route to acting through modeling, becoming a regular actor in Hallmark films. 

Ryan Paevey is not gay; he has reportedly dated women in the past

Contrary to rumors, Ryan Paevey is not gay. Paevey is a secretive character who shares little about his love life, leading to false rumors about his sexuality. 

Paevey has reportedly dated women in the past. He allegedly dated Kirsten Storms, his onscreen love interest in General Hospital

In 2015, he was linked to model Jessica Hinton. Paevey posted a photo of himself and Hinton on Instagram before removing it and replacing it with a post featuring the following message:

“For the second time, a moment from my private life with someone I care about was removed from social media by bitterness. If you do not approve of my life or who I choose to surround myself with, kindly leave.”

Paevey didn’t confirm the rumors. However, he talked to Extratv about his dream woman, describing her as someone resembling the character Elizabeth in Unleashing Mr. Darcy. Paevey said that he prioritizes his career over relationships:

“I don’t even have a dog. I have a thriving houseplant. I’m committed to growing and improving professionally; taking risks, learning, giving back. And personally, I’d love to take some strides towards starting a family.”