6ix9ine has experienced mixed fortunes since his release from prison in August 2020. The extravagant posts on his Instagram page show his music career is thriving. Yet, it seems people haven’t forgotten that he testified against his fellow gang members: in March 2023, Hernandez was hospitalized following an attack inside an LA Fitness gym in Palm Beach County, Florida. 

Rumors claiming that 6ix9ine is gay appear false

In mid-May 2023, 6ix9ine trended on Twitter after a rumor claiming he is gay went viral. The report was based on a photo of the rapper kissing another man on the cheek. Twitter users created countless memes based on the rumor, most citing 6ix9ine’s rainbow hair as evidence of his queer sexual identity.


However, a disclaimer below the photo that started it all debunked the claim that 6ix9ine is gay. “No evidence of 6ix9ine/Tekashi69 coming out as gay or having a boyfriend has been found,” it read

The image was taken from the rapper’s music video for the single Y AHORA, recorded with the band Grupo Firme. 

The rapper claims he has a girlfriend; her identity is unclear

Alongside an Instagram post showing the birthday party he organized for his childhood friend Ariiela, 6ix9ine wrote: “Only threw 50,000 so my girlfriend won’t get mad but we just friends she knows that.” That caption suggests that 6ix9ine has a girlfriend. However, her identity is unclear. 

6ix9ine’s last public relationship was with former bartender Rachel ‘Jade’ Watley. Jade tattooed the rapper’s face on her body, visited him in prison, posted online about his freedom, wore his rainbow hair, and wrote a letter to the judge presiding over 6ix9ine’s trial asking for leniency. The letter read:

“When I met Daniel Hernandez [Tekashi], he was nothing like how the internet portrayed him to be. He was the total opposite. He was exceptionally respectful, outgoing, very sweet, kind hearted and a genuine generous person.”

“Yes, we knew each other for a few weeks before his indictment but I decided to stick by his side not because I felt I needed to but that he needed someone he can trust in his corner.”

Jade and 6ix9ine split up following a domestic violence dispute. The charges against 6ix9ine were dropped as he refused to cooperate with prosecutors. Jade was at the center of Cardi B and Offset’s infidelity feud. Allegations surfaced in 2019 claiming Offset was flirting with Jade. Cardi B responded by confronting Jade at her place of work. 

Tekashi has two daughters, one with Sara Molina and the other with Marlayna M.