The British show Peppa Pig is a favorite for kids all around the world. The show features a pig named Peppa, her brother George, and Mummy and Daddy Pig. It focuses on the four characters as they navigate life as a family. Daddy Pig is a structural engineer, while Mummy Pig is mostly shown caring for George and Peppa.

The 5-minute episodes of Peppa Pig are perfect for younger audiences. They feature simplistic drawings, bright colors, and the family tackles situations faced by parents and their young children. It’s also easy for children to follow the show’s short and simple storylines.

It is somewhat inconceivable that Peppa Pig contains a theme such as death. This article will detail a shocking Peppa Pig backstory featuring Peppa Pig’s death.

According to a Wattpad storyteller, Peppa Pig was poisoned by her parents

If you are a Peppa Big fan, chances are you’ve never heard an alternative story in which Peppa Pig dies. The backstory exists courtesy of a Wattpad user named animegeek00, who claims that Peppa Pig dies at the hands of her parents. The creepy story is aptly titled Time to ruin your childhood! It claims:

“Peppa was never a healthy child. She was usually ill and spent her short life in a hospital bed. One night, Peppa’s parents decided it would be best if they euthanized her. So that night, Peppa fell asleep and she was injected with a poison thus killing her. This causes Peppa to want to be a fairy as her last dream was about fairies.”

Peppa’s family is a tight-knit family, and because Daddy Pig can’t deal with the guilt of killing Peppa, he takes a knife, kills his wife and child before killing himself. Suzy Sheep also suffers quite a gruesome fate. The Wattpad user writes:

“She wanted to be a nurse as she progressed in her life. One sunny day, Suzy was riding her bike when she was run over by an oncoming truck. The impact caused her to die immediately. In her after Suzy is usually found wearing a nurse costume.” 

Following Suzy’s death, Suzy Sheep’s drug addiction deepens as she starts taking heroin and alcohol. “She got a deep depression and died of drug overdose,” the story states.

Mr. Zebra was driving the truck that killed Suzy, and despite not going to prison, he lost his driver’s license and job. Consequently, he also lost his housewife and money and ended up dying while living on the streets. It’s, apparently, the reason why Suzy and Mr. Zebra have never been in an episode together.

Grandma Pig is the last to die because Peppa Pig is a fantasy in her head

The gruesome deaths continue with Grandpa Dog, Mummy Dog, and Danny Dog passing away. “Grand dog had taken Danny on a sail around when a storm broke out,” the story reads. “Lightning hit the boat which set it alight. Grandpa Dog was burnt to death while Danny drowned. Mummy dog was killed at the garage. She was fixing the car when it malfunctioned and killed her.”

“This is why she is never seen at Grandpa Dog’s garage and why Grandpa Dog doesn’t like taking Danny on a boat.” Pedro Pony, Cousin Chloe, Madame Gazelle, and Grandpa Pig all suffer gruesome deaths, leaving behind Grandma Pig, who allegedly dreams up Peppa Pig to deal with the deaths of her loved ones.

Animegeek00 writes that the Peppa Pig story exists in her head as she is a drugged up schizophrenic. The story reads:

“Grandma Pig is schizophrenic and is also taking multiple drugs. All of the characters Peppa Pig are all of her loved ones. Grandma Pig is a widow, in grief, and fully alone. So her schizophrenia took over and transported her to a world where her loved ones are alive and well.”

Childhood ruined? Our too. Thankfully, animegeek00’s story is just that, a story. Several colorful and vibrant episodes of Peppa Pig should erase everything about Peppa Pig’s death from your head.