Penney Azcarate has received widespread fame for her handling of the Heard-Deep defamation trial. She allowed matters to proceed uninterrupted, only interjecting when absolutely necessary. Azcarate never showed bias to any side and was appreciated by both counsels following the close of proceedings. Penney also thanked the lawyers, saying:

“It’s much easier being a judge when you have excellent trial attorneys in front of you. It does make it easier. I also want to thank the attorneys and litigants for the kindness and the great demeanor you have shown my staff.”

Azcarate has received some criticism for allowing cameras during the trial, but it doesn’t take anything away from her performance during the trial.

Penney’s husband, Eddy Azcarate, is a retired marine and police officer

Eddy Azcarate started his career as a service manager at Warner Plumbing in Northern Virginia. Azcarate left plumbing after becoming a full-time Reservist with the United States Marine Corps. He writes on LinkedIn:

“My primary duty was to coordinate and prepare Riverine Training Teams for deployment in South America. These teams were comprised of servicemen from all branches to include the US Coast Guard.”

In November 2020, Eddy posted a photo of himself in military uniform at Port Al Jubail in 1990. Penney also served with the United States Marine Corps and rose to the rank of Captain while on active duty. 

She turned into a reservist to pursue her J.D. degree at George Mason. Eddy started his career as a police officer in Fairfax before retiring from the Marines. 

He left the Marines as a major in 1999, joining the Fairfax County Police as a Master Police Officer. He spent 22 years and three months with the Fairfax County Police before retiring in April 2022. He writes on LinkedIn:

“In 2004, I was a founding member of the Language Skills Support Unit (Spanish). I worked patrol at three stations. I was a Gang Unit Detective. I was a Public Information Officer. I was a Motor Officer.”

Eddy currently works full-time as a Deputy Regional Security Advisor for the Secure Community Network, a security organization of the Jewish community in North America. 

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