Pat Stay, a famed Canadian battle rapper, passed away in early September 2022. Halifax police said they found Stay stabbed in downtown Halifax and rushed him to a local hospital, where the 36-year-old was pronounced dead. Following an autopsy, the Nova Scotia Medical Examiner Service determined Pat Stay’s cause of death was a homicide. 

Tributes poured in from fellow rappers, including Eminem and Drake. “Hip Hop has lost one of the best battlers of all time. RIP @patstay. KINGS NEVER DIE!!” Eminem tweeted. Drake referred to Pat as one of his ‘fav rappers ever’ via a tribute posted on his Instagram Stories. 

Pat raised a son and a daughter with his partner Malyssa Stay

Pat Stay and his partner, Malyssa Stay, raised a son and a daughter. The couple have been together for a long-time, but as far as we can tell, they never married. Despite Malyssa using Pat’s last name, there’s no evidence showing the pair wed.

She features on Pat’s Instagram highlights showing the growth of his son, Calvin Royce. Pat adored Calvin, as demonstrated by a recent Instagram post celebrating the boy’s fifth birthday. 

Pat referred to Calvin as his best friend and his real-life superhero. “I really mean it when I say I can never find the words to truly describe how much I love you buddy,” Stay wrote.

In late July 2022, Stay posted a photo of his daughter, Alaura. He captioned the post: “Big ol kid now… crazy how time flies.” It’s unclear if Calvin and Alaura share the same mother. 

Malyssa often posts photos of her kids and clearly enjoys being a mother. Via 23rd April 2022 post, Malyssa compared her experiences raising two children six years apart and concluded:

“After all these years, no mom in the world is a better mom than I am to my kids. Same goes for you. Everything you are doing for your babies is perfect and you’re doing a fantastic job.”

Stay’s friend has started a GoFundMe campaign to support Pat’s family

Malyssa is understandably heartbroken by her long-time partner’s death. She’s posted highlights of her times with Pat, writing: “Hug them. Kiss them. You are so lucky you get to go to sleep with your partner tonight. Love them like you’ll never see them again.”

Malyssa added that she sees Pat’s face every time she closes her eyes. She posted the following message alongside a photo of the family:

“Someday I’ll say something special. But right now I’m living in a nightmare. Please know the tremendous amount of love and support has been helping me and the kids so much. Thank you for everything.”

Pat’s friend, Joey Hawkins, has started a verified GoFundMe campaign to raise money for Pat’s family. “We are setting up this fund to help raise money for our fallen brother’s family,” the description reads. 

The fundraiser features a photo of Pat hugging Calvin. The description continues:

“Pat Stay was a very honorable man who was on his way to a bright future. Our heart hurts for his family and friends at this time so we hope to help ease some of the pain by ensuring his family has help through this process.”