It’s been a long time coming for fans, who’ve been waiting for the beloved anime series to release its newest season of One-Punch Man. One, the name of the manga artist, has been assisting the second season for the popular show. It wasn’t till April 2019 that fans got the newest season and were able to enjoy it on the streaming service Crunchyroll.

One Punch Man is an anime about superheroes protecting the innocent from the creature like enemies. The main lead of the show is Saitama, who brings the comedic value to the show. He plays as an ordinary person but with the simple ability to punch his opponents with one powerful punch. It’s based on the original manga with the same name released back in June 2012. Soon after the property of the manga got so much exposure. It became an anime series, due to the demands from the fans.

Usually shows such as One Punch Man would keep its series as an exclusive to one streaming platform but this show had been streaming on more than one platform. Crunchyroll originally had this on its service, as that platform serves to only present anime, manga and drama. It then moved onto Hulu and Netflix. This is not common with streaming services but the network didn’t want to keep the show to one exclusive platform. It started with the Netflix USA and Netflix CA having the show first back in March 2017. The Netflix UK had to wait an extra year for a 2018 release in April. There were talks during these stages that the show would leave from Netflix’s services, due to licensing. Although Netflix decided to pay willingly for renewal, for one of its most-watched series.

When was One Punch Man Season 2 Released?

The Second Season’s release date was kept hidden from fans for quite a while, but it was announced on Twitter in August 2018. Viz Media had confirmed that the release date of Season 2 would be for April 2019! This season hasn’t finished yet and doesn’t till July. The season is currently waiting on its Ninth episode, which is set to release on June 11th.

Will One Punch Man Season 2 come to Netflix?

Due to the original success of the show and how it climbed to Netflix’s most-watched titles. I think it’s safe to assume that Season 2 will be returning to Netflix in the United States, Canada and the UK.

Possible Release Date?

The show’s first Season took it’s time to reach to the mainstream streaming platform Netflix in 2017. It took 2 years for the First Season to reach Netflix viewers, so it’s likely that it’ll take just as long. Hopefully, due to the shows progressing success, that the Second Season will launch quicker than its first. There’s been no confirmed release date by the show’s creators. Thankfully the First Season is still available for the US, Canada and the UK on all three services (Crunchyroll, Hulu and Netflix). Let’s hope that the long-anticipated Second Season arrives quicker than expected.

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