One Day at a Time is a sitcom based on Norman Lear’s late 70s and early 80s show with the same name. The multi-camera show revolves around a Hispanic family living in Los Angeles. The main focus of One Day at a Time is a single mother dealing with PTSD from her time with the army.

The show has gained acclaim for its humor and its portrayal of modern-day issues such as racism, homophobia, immigration, addiction, and many more. As a result, the series and its actors have received multiple awards and nominations. This piece will detail all there is to know about One Day at a Time season 4.

Will One Day at a Time season 4 come to Netflix?

We do not expect that One Day at a Time season 4 will come to Netflix. The series was a Netflix original for the first three seasons, but Netflix cancelled the show after season 3.

Pop TV swiftly picked up the show, and in doing so, it made One Day at a Time the first original show cancelled by Netflix to be revived by a traditional linear network. Unfortunately, the spread of COVID-19 led to a halt in production of season 4 before its completion.

Six episodes of season 4 were released, and production is not expected to resume before 2021. It’s unclear which streaming service will pick up One Day at a Time.

What happened in One Day at a Time season 3?

One Day at a Time producers have perfected the art of incorporating hard-hitting storylines without compromising the show’s comedic element. The toughest scenes in season 3 are perhaps those that involved Schneider. Previous seasons of the series portrayed him as a goofy recovering addict who had his life figured out.

In season 3, he relapsed, and it wasn’t pleasant. Alex discovered Schneider drunk in the living room, and it reinforced his belief that it was not right for him to be around the kids. We loved how Schneider’s addiction wasn’t portrayed as a fairy tale story with a happy ever after ending. The show portrayed addiction as it is in real life, but with a dash of humor to lighten the mood.

One Day at a Time season 3 wasn’t all doom and gloom, and there were moments of joy. It ended with Victor’s wedding, and Penelope came to terms with what she had achieved, and her prospects for the future. The season also ended with a major cliffhanger.

What to expect in One Day at a Time season 4

Penelope’s love life has been a recurring them in past seasons, and we expect it to dominate in season 4. Her meddling mom, Lydia, has consistently reminded Penelope that she needs a man. For the first couple of seasons, Penelope struggled to find a balance between being happily single and finding a partner to grow old with.

At the moment, Penelope is in her best position financially and emotionally, and we expect that she will finally figure out her love life. We suspect that she will choose to find a person to keep her company rather than remaining single. Alex and Elena are close to leaving the nest, and it means that Penelope will be left alone and we doubt that she will enjoy being alone.

Elena will be moving out to college, and her relationship with Syd will be tried. Will she choose to stay with Syd in college, or will the couple decide to part ways? We also expect Alex’s love-life to feature significantly in season 4. It will also be a surprise if the show fails to address that significant cliff-hanger at the end of season 3.