Social media may have plenty of ills that need urgent addressing, but few can fault it as a platform for enforcing social justice. TikTokers, in particular, are using the platform to warn people about dangerous situations and people. One of the latest people ‘outed’ on TikTok as dangerous is October Evans.

October, who legally changed her name to October Rain Evans, has also trended on Twitter due to her popularity on TikTok. This piece will look at why some TikTokers claim that October Rain is dangerous and provide an overview of her life and career.

October has been accused of racism, bullying, and misappropriation of charity funds

TikToker Paris Glass (@glassmenagerie) recently posted a TikTok video claiming that she has ‘a very important message.’ In the semi-cryptic video, Paris spelled out in red that ‘OCTOBER EVANS IS D@NGEROUS.’

The viral video set off an internet search for October’s alleged crimes. Paris shared another video showing October’s social media accounts and aliases. They accused October of stalking, harassment, and claiming to be Indigenous before reaffirming that she is white. Paris ended the video with an ominous message: “Avoid this person at all costs. They are unhinged and dangerous.”

Paris also claimed that October created a fake charity to scam people off their money. A tweet by @hachxo in October 2019 adds weight to the allegation:

“October Evans has been masquerading as a 501 (c)3 organization to steal money through well-meaning donations. She started off doing this in the SW industry, and now she intends on preying on trans people. Make sure people know who she is.”

Emotional manipulation appears to be another tool in October’s arsenal. Per an early February 2020 Facebook post by Phoenix Found, October threatened suicide to get her way. “I’m going to hang myself in front of Mistress Salem’ house, and she won’t even know it’s going to happen,” one of the messages shared reads

The post claimed that October had been searching for victims in transgender housing groups. The overarching message in the post is that October Evans is dangerous. It said:

“She applied for our organization in 2019 and had her listing pulled after many reports came in of her sexually harassing other professionals. We don’t tolerate that sort of behavior here and never will. Unfortunately, it seems like she’s been using Facebook groups to find housing. We ask that you consider her a dangerous person and not engage with her in any way.

October Evans is a deaf, transgender artist who’s performed in venues across America

October Rain is a deaf, non-binary/trans (she/they) musician. She writes and records songs based on depression, gender dysphoria, and addiction. October Evans also performs in American Sign Language (ASL).

Three of her singles – Until Now, Shades Of Myself, and Home I’ll Never Beare available on Spotify. Last year, Evans released an album titled The Wild Youthful Day of Basement Studio Demos, Pt.1.

Evans has performed in New York, Washington State, Oregon, and New England.