Cheesy holiday rom-coms are a total guilty pleasure. But, they’re also a staple during this time of the year. No need to feel ashamed when your face lights up as ABC Family advertises their 25 days of Christmas. Or, when Hallmark comes out with a new heartwarming comedy every week.

However, if you’re looking for some steamy, yet silly rom-coms to watch with your boo, without the wait and the commercial breaks, Netflix has a ton to choose from. You can enjoy hours of entertainment, first kisses under the mistletoe, comedic character mix-ups and ice-slips, while all cuddled up with your bae, hidden from the cold.

So, put on your PJs and make some hot cocoa and get streaming with these Netflix faves…

Love Actually

So, this is an obvious contender for the best Christmas rom-com around. Love Actually has turned into a Christmas cult-classic over the years and for a very good reason. Telling nine intertwined love stories is scriptwriting at its best. Everyone can find a character to relate to in this movie as the love stories range in age and nature. Oh, and not to mention the superb acting skills showcased by Alan Rickman, Hugh Grant, and Laura Linney. Can you say all-star cast? They’ll make you not only fall in love with their characters, but also with the holidays. You’ll be singing Christmas is All Around until the sun comes up! There’s no wonder we watch this every year!

Christmas Wedding Planner

The subject of engagement and marriage is always thrown around during the holidays. Maybe it’s because it’s a magical time of the year or maybe it’s because Aunt Mae is just a little nosy and a little naggy when it comes to you finding your forever-person. Either way, Christmas Wedding Planner is a solid choice for a holiday rom-com movie night. This is a no-shame take on The Wedding Planner, as we follow lead character wedding planner, Kelsey Wilson, played by Jocelyn Hudon, as she plans her cousin’s extravagant wedding. Kelsey’s world gets crazy as a (handsome) private investigator comes onto the scene and starts snooping around while she is trying to plan the BIGGEST wedding of her career. However, Kelsey begins to fall for him, of course, and well, you know where this is going. This is a typical “always a bridesmaid, never a bride” film, but there’s a reason there’s so many of them. We can all relate! So, snug up with bae and watch our girl Kelsey finally be “the bride”.

Christmas In the Smokies

Christmas In the Smokies tells the story of a powerful, stubborn-headed woman leading the mission to save her family’s historical berry farm. Of course, the lead, played by Sarah Lancaster, has no choice but to call on her ex-boyfriend who is conveniently now a successful country music star, to throw a benefit concert to raise money to save the family’s estate. This movie will have you tearing up with holiday joy as you are reminded of the value of community, faith, and persistence. If the story is a little too sappy for your taste, you’ll still enjoy the Smokey Mountain landscape views.

You Can’t Fight Christmas

Brely Evans plays Christmas designer (yes, she designs hotel lobbies during Christmas time for a living), Leslie Major in this hilarious holiday gem. Major is a Christmas fanatic and a definite ball of energy. After literally falling off a ladder into the arms of Edmund James, a classic Scrooge-like character, played by Andra Fuller, Major shows James that true meaning of the Christmas season. This is your typical naughty-turned-nice plot, with some added humor and life. You’ll definitely find yourself giggling throughout this one as James goes from money-hungry grump to an actual real human being.

The Princess Switch

Vanessa Hudgens is probably the absolute perfect candidate for a cheesy holiday rom-com. The Princess Switch tells the story of two girls who look meet each other serendipitously and decide to switch places. Because, that’s what you do, right? Totally normal. Think of a holiday version of Mary-Kate and Ashley’s classic, It Takes Two…with a little more fire. Of course, with this switch, things are even more complicated as one of the girls falls in love with the other’s fiance…dun…dun…dun. Isn’t that in the rules of what not to do? But, hey, I guess that’s ok since the engaged princess simultaneously falls in love with the other girl’s co-worker. This movie will have your head spinning but in the best way. Christmas really does make you feel the love! And, we all know Christmas movies always end happily.

A Dogwalker’s Christmas Tale

There’s always that Christmas film that features a spoiled rich brat, and this year it’s A Dogwalker’s Christmas Tale. Luce Lockart is home from college and must take a job walking a rich developer’s precious pooch. While just barely surviving this rich-girl nightmare she meets Dean, a kind-hearted, yet annoying dogwalker, who is trying to save the park that the developer is destroying. The two characters share a lot of back-and-forth banter that is comically irritating. Lockhart is forced to choose sides as she battles her inner demons. Will she continue on her superficial path or will turn into a good-hearted citizen? Inevitably, Dean helps Lockhart understand the true meaning of the holidays and what is really important in life.

Christmas Crush

28-year-old Georgia is so not over her ex-boyfriend from high school, and she is thrilled to have a second chance with him at their high school reunion in Christmas Crush. This upbeat comedy will have you reliving your high school days of teacher crushes, materialistic mean girls, and wanting to get it on with the football player. Watching Georgia try to win back her old boo definitely makes this holiday rom-com a must-see. This film is a holiday version of Mean Girls, that’ll have you daydreaming about your ex.

The Holiday Calendar

Holiday movies that have a little bit of magic in them always help us get into the Christmas spirit. Christmas miracles and holiday magic are what make this season unlike any other time of the year. The Holiday Calendar utilizes holiday magic through an advent calendar that predicts the future. Super cool! It is inherited by a talented photographer, going through a tough time financially, so inevitably she is down in the dumps. But, life gets better as this calendar begins to lead her on the right path to her true love and calling. This heartwarming tale really does remind us what’s so special about this time of year and you’ll feel happy and satisfied when you see our lead get exactly what she needs.

How Sarah Got Her Wings

Another movie with a magical, supernatural twist is How Sarah Got Her Wings. Do-good character, Sarah Fitzpatrick, played by Lindsey Gort, tells the tale of a young woman who suffers through a fatal accident just before Christmas. What? Sounds like a total downer, but just wait! When goody-goody Sarah arrives at the gates of heaven she is shocked to find out she is not on the official list (yeah, there’s a list, so get ready!), so she is turned away. Sarah is forced to spend more time on earth as an “angel-in-training” with the purpose of helping a soul in need. Of course, Sarah only has 12 days to find a soul to help. Why is 12 always the Christmas number?

Holiday Breakup

This is a Christmas movie unlike any other and it’s bound to be one of your new holiday faves. Holiday Breakup tells the story of a young couple who breakup right before Christmas. Wow, perfect timing, guys. After discussing the draining imagined conversations they will inevitably have with their friends and families being newly single during the holidays, they decide to avoid the “that’s awful, are you okay?” and “what are you going to do now?” commentary by pretending to still be together. Obviously, with this plot summary, you know there will be a lot of mishaps, miscommunications, and cringe-worthy moments. Will this make the couple go mad or will it bring them closer together? You better watch to find out!

Merry Kissmas

Surprise kisses are always the best kisses and Merry Kissmas proves that spontaneity can lead to something special. Character, Kayla, played by Karissa Staples is engaged to a famous English choreographer, Carlton Wells, played by David O’Donnell, who is kind of well, terrible, to say the least. He is a self-centered narcissist, who isn’t giving our girl Kayla what she deserves. So, you’ll be cheering when Kayla shares a spontaneous kiss with a common caterer and inevitably starts to fall in love with him. I mean, obviously. After the magical kiss, Kayla begins to realize her true value. Thanks to Mr.Caterer she discovers what true love feels like and of course, her fairy-tale love story is surrounded by the magic of the holidays, making it the perfect film to watch with your partner this season.