Mr. Robot is a drama series centered on a cybersecurity expert known as Elliot Anderson (Rami Malek). However, Anderson also suffers from social anxiety disorder and depression. His conditions allow him to see his dead father, but they do not hamper his abilities as a hacker.

Anderson is eventually recruited by an anarchist knows as Mr. Robot. Mr. Robot and his hacktivists plan to hack E. Corp to cancel all debts owed to the company. Elliot works for E. Corp, and he knows how corrupt the company is. However, he is reluctant about involving himself in Mr. Robot’s plans.

As that happens, Elliot’s childhood friend plans to take down E. Corp legally. She wants to gather evidence of E. Corp’s corruption by working from within the company. After several twists and turns, Mr. Robot’s plan comes into play, and all the debt held by the company vanishes.

You might be tempted to think that the hack will signal the end of the series. However, the end of E. Corp signals the beginning of another story. A story in which Elliot has to deal with the unforeseen consequences of the hack.

Is Mr. Robot on Netflix?

The first season of Mr. Robot premiered in 2015, and it currently has three complete seasons. Season 4 of the series premiered on 6th October 2019.

Sadly, Mr. Robot isn’t available on Netflix. The series airs on the USA network before it becomes available on Amazon. Amazon Prime holds rights to the first three seasons of Mr. Robot, and it is highly likely that they will have access to the fourth season.

Mr. Robot usually appears on Amazon after the final episode airs on the USA network. In the UK, Amazon gets weekly episodes of the show after they air on the USA network. Mr. Robot is very popular in the UK, and it is unlikely that Amazon will let go of its exclusive rights to the show.

Similar shows on Netflix

Fortunately, there are several other tech dramas on Netflix for you to watch.

Black Mirror – This series delves into the negative effects of technology on society. It dissects things such as social media likes or virtual reality gaming to show you how they can negatively affect society.

Unit 42Unit 42 is a Belgian series that focuses on a special task force dealing with cyberspace criminals. The series also follows the personal lives of the cast, and how their lives interfere with the workings of the task force.