La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) is easily Netflix’s most successful Spanish title. There is nothing to hate and everything to love about the show. The plot is amazing, the actors are incredible, and it united the world with the song Bella Ciao.

The Professor and his band of thieves are the best bank robbers in the world. However, when emotions come into play, even the best can lose their focus. In the gang’s world, the slightest lapse of focus can have disastrous consequences.

Part four of this enthralling drama is almost upon us. Keep reading to find out everything about it.

When will La Casa de Papel part 4 come to Netflix?

It has officially been confirmed that Part four of the hit show will come to Netflix on 3rd April 2020.

Sadly, it is expected that part four will be the final instalment of Money Heist. After filming concluded in August, stars of the show posted messages on social media that suggested that the series will end with part four.

Nothing has been confirmed yet, and we hope that part four is not the end.

What happened in La Casa de Papel part 3?

If you haven’t watched part three, some major spoilers are coming your way. After Part two ended, it looked like the story had ended. The gang had escaped successfully with the money, they were out of the country, and relationships blossomed. Part three made us realize that the hardest part of the job was living as a fugitive.

Blinded by love and paranoia, Rio slipped up, and he was captured by authorities. The situation forced the gang to reunite in a bid to rescue their captured comrade. Professor’s ambitious plan involved robbing the gold in the Bank of Spain, and using the situation to leverage for Rio’s release.

The gang managed to get the support of the people by framing the heist as some sort of revolution against the system. Everything seemed to be going right for a while, before Professor lost control. He broke his rule about emotional connections, and he made his most irrational decision yet.

The authorities managed to convince him that they had killed Lisbon, and the Professor turned ballistic, literally. He ordered Rio and Tokio to launch a rocket propelled grenade at an approaching tank, and by doing so, he broke another rule. Nairobi was also shot in the chest after Alicia tricked her to get close to the window.

From what we saw, it will be a miracle if she returns for part four.

What to expect from La Casa de Papel part 4?

Professor has officially lost the plot, and it doesn’t bode well for the gang. As long as he believes that Lisbon is dead, the authorities will have the upper hand. The authorities will probably try to torture Lisbon, but it is unlikely that she will crack.

The thieves are now murderers, and it’s now more likely that the authorities will take decisive action. Alicia has already shown that she is willing to kill, and she is bound to get more ruthless in part four.

Nairobi was shot in the chest, and her future is uncertain. She featured in the teaser video for part four, and so she might return in some capacity. Rio and Tokio have had an up and down relationship for most of the series, and they broke up again in part three.

Given how unpredictable the pair is, we can’t tell for sure whether they will get back together. Rio and Tokio form an adorable pair, and we hope that they can finally settle their differences. The most important thing to know about season 4 is that a war is coming, and there will be casualties.