Clifford Smith Jr. (stage name: Method Man) is an American rapper who gained fame as part of the East Coast hip hop collective, Wu-Tang Clan. Wu-Tang is credited for rejuvenating East Coast hip-hop and inspiring future stars such as Biggie Smalls and Jay Z. Method also formed one half of the duo Method Man & Redman.

In 1996, Method won a Grammy Award for the song, I’ll Be There for You/ You’re All I Need to get By, alongside Mary. J. Blige. Method is also an accomplished actor with credits in shows and films such as Garden State and The Wire.

This piece will look at Method Man’s wife and children. We can confirm that Method Man is married.

Method allegedly cheated on his wife Tamika Smith with her doctor as Tamika battled cancer

Method and his long-time girlfriend Tamika Smith got engaged in 1999 before tying the knot in 2001. Tamika enjoyed staying away from the spotlight, but in 2006, she hit the headlines after Wendy Williams revealed that she was battling cancer. Wendy also stated that Method was cheating on Tamika with Tamika’s doctor. Method hit back at Wendy for exposing an illness that even part of Tamika’s family didn’t know about. He said:

“You don’t do that to anyone. You’re going to attack me any way you like, I’m in the entertainment business, but you don’t attack my family, my wife. It’s bad enough that she didn’t have a hair on her head, you think she wants people to look at her, point her out and talk to her about how sick she is.”

In the aftermath of Wendy’s revelation, rumors started to swirl that Method was having an affair with Wendy. The speculation arose after people wondered how she learnt about Tamika’s cancer diagnosis. Method also reportedly cheated on his wife with video vixen Karrine Steffans. In her book Vindicated, Karrine gave details about her affair with Method. The rapper didn’t deny or confirm the rumors.

Method is quite protective of and secretive about his wife. In July 2016, Farrah Gray posted a photo of Tamika on his blog. Method asked Farrah to remove the photo, but Gray initially refused. The blogger eventually gave in after Method’s threatened to leave Twitter. He posted the following tweet:

“I’m done with social media until further notice. I’ve lost faith in human decency and I will not feed the trolls any longer. Fuck you all.”

Farrah criticized Method for looking to gain publicity by threatening to leave social media. Method didn’t follow up on his decision to leave Twitter, but he still has no intention of publicizing his love life. Tamika’s LinkedIn page describes her as a businesswoman in the beauty industry and a former personal assistant.

Method and Tamika have three children Sha, Raekwon, and Cheyenne, but Method is rumored to have other children

Method and Tamika welcomed Sha in 1996, and Raekwon and Chayenne both arrived in 1997. Method is also rumored to have children outside of wedlock.

He is allegedly the father of Modest Jones’ twins. Jones and Method have known each other since the days of the Wu-Tang Clan. Method didn’t deny or confirm Jones’ claim that he was the father of her twins.