Another BBC show is set to leave Netflix this December. At the moment, you have two weeks to binge on the five seasons of Merlin currently available on Netflix. Merlin is a much-loved BBC series that ran from 2008 and 2012. It features stars such as Katie McGrath, Anthony Head, Bradley James, and Colin Morgan.

Merlin originally had mixed ratings, but it slowly won over people’s hearts. Unfortunately, the show will soon leave Netflix.

Why is Merlin leaving Netflix?

Merlin follows a long list of BBC shows that are set to leave the streaming service. The popular BBC show will leave Netflix on 15th December 2019. BBC seems to be letting most of its contracts with Netflix expire. Co-productions tend to last a bit longer, but eventually, it seems that all BBC titles will leave Netflix.

At the moment, Merlin is only set to leave Netflix US. That has been the trend with BBC shows leaving Netflix, and we expect the same to happen with Merlin. Eventually, Merlin won’t be available on Netflix in any region.

Where will Merlin be available after leaving Netflix?

Over the past few years, we have seen individual media houses investing in their own streaming services. It has led to those media houses pulling content from streaming services such as Netflix.

BBC has placed a substantial investment in the streaming service, BritBox. It is highly likely that Merlin will end up on BritBox. Merlin might also be available on AcornTV.

Merlin is also currently available for free via The Roku Channel and Tubi. The series is also available on Amazon Prime, but we suspect that it will also leave Amazon.