Marcel Marceau married three times, first to Huguette Mallet, with whom he welcomed two children. She helped Marceau establish Compagnie de Mime Marcel Marceau, his mime company. After divorcing Mallet in 1958, he married Ella Jaroszewicz, a French-Polish choreographer. The couple didn’t have children. 

Anne Sicco, Marceau’s third wife, reportedly stumbled into Marceau’s dressing room in the early 1970s. Despite being three decades older than Sicco, Marceau began a romantic relationship with her, which culminated in the birth of their first child, Camille. 

Sicco and Marceau married in 1975 before welcoming their second child, Aurelia. 

Anne Sicco is alive and serving as the artistic director of Nouvel Espace Appia

Anne Sicco is alive and working at the Nouvel Espace Appia as the artistic director. She contributed to The Art of Silence, a 2022 documentary by Maurizius Staerkle Drux about Marceau’s life and art. Aurelia, Camille, and Louis Chevalier, Marceau’s grandson, also contributed to the documentary. 

Sicco taught experimental theatre at Marceau’s mime school. She and Marceau reportedly had an unhappy marriage filled with silence. The couple divorced in 1984, so it was surprising that Marceau’s obituary listed her as Marceau’s wife. She stopped teaching at Marceau’s school in 1985 and formed her company in 1986. 

Marceau reportedly stated that his profession impacted his personal life. He said:

“I have been married three times. They all failed. It’s hard to be a family man in my position. When you’re traveling all over the world you can’t have your wife waiting for you, like Penelope.”