Jennifer Lopez told Ellen DeGeneres in February 2022 that her teenage children are starting to get ashamed of her. “You know, I’m a very affectionate mom,” Lopez said. “I love to hug them and kiss them a lot, talking to them sweet, and now they’re like, ‘Mom, don’t get out of the car at school.’ It hurts my heart!”

Lopez and her kids still share a tight bond, however, which was on full display when the singer and her daughter, Emme Maribel Muniz, performed at the LA Dodgers Foundation Blue Diamond GALA. 

The performance was exceptional, but Emme hit the headlines for a different reason. 

Lopez used non-binary pronouns to introduce Emme, hinting they are part of the LGBTQ+ community

Before Emme joined their mom on stage, Lopez gave them a heartwarming introduction using gender-neutral pronouns. Jennifer said:

“The last time we performed together was in a big stadium like this and I asked them to sing with me all the time, and they won’t. So this is a very special occasion.”

“They are very, very busy. Booked. And pricey. They cost me when they come out. But they’re worth every single penny because they’re my favorite duet partner of all time. So if you will indulge me.”


Jennifer Lopez JLO surprises audience at at the Blue Diamond Gala by the Dodgers foundation. Excuse shaky camera at end I was in shock myself.#jlo #jenniferlopez #jloandemme #dodgersfoundation #bluediamondball #jlosurpriseguest #tmz #jloperformance

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Lopez and Emme have performed together before, but it was the first time that Lopez used gender-neutral pronouns to refer to Emme. 

The revelation that Emme uses non-binary pronouns hinted that they might be part of the LGBTQ+ community. Emme’s use of a rainbow-themed microphone fueled speculation that they might be queer. 

Emme’s sexuality remains unclear, and given how secretive they are, it’s unlikely they’ll open up about the topic. Nevertheless, we’ll keep our ears on the ground and update you on any developments.