On 22nd February 2023, Orion wrote on TwitLonger that Kwite, a YouTuber, raped him in February 2018. The internet sympathized with Orion, sending comforting and reassuring messages to a person they thought had endured trauma and gathered the courage to expose his abuser. 

Kwite crafted a detailed response to Orion’s accusations, proving Orion’s claims of sexual assault were false. Unlike Orion, who merely posted a statement accusing Kwite of rape, Kwite posted a lengthy video containing mountains of evidence disproving Orion’s allegations. The internet is now firmly on Kwite’s side. 

Amid all the drama, Kwite opened up about his sexuality. 

Kwite came out as a member of the LGBTQ+ community in February 2023

On 22nd February 2023, Kwite posted an image of the PRIDE flag with a black paw print emblazoned in the middle. “Hey, I know it isn’t pride month but I’ve been wanting to tell you guys this for a while,” Kwite tweeted. “I finally love and accept who I am and I hope you do too.”

Kwite’s exact sexuality is unclear, but we know he is a member of the queer community. In a YouTube video titled For the Record, Kwite described romantic encounters with men and women. 

The YouTuber’s tweets don’t reveal much about his sexuality, except that he is a fan of explicit sexual humor. “Had butt sex and he recked my tum tum,” reads a tweet posted shortly after Kwite came out. 

Kwite has been in several relationships but is still a virgin

Kwite stated in For the Record, that his sexual anxiety prevents him from having sex. “My apprehension when it comes to sexual contact is not limited to Orion,” Kwite said. “Not only did I never have sex with him, I have never had sex with anyone. I am still a virgin.”

Kwite stated that his focus on work and the socially-restrictive rules of the pandemic eroded his confidence. “A fair few of my friends have had to deal with me drunkenly venting about my nervousness around it,” Kwite said

The YouTuber described one incident with a girl in which he stopped an oral sex session prematurely because he couldn’t get aroused. Kwite said that anxiety also affects sexual relations with men. 

“When it comes to do the deed with someone else my nerves have stopped me from being able to perform because I have incredibly bad sexual anxiety,” Kwite said. “Every time I’ve been in a real life sexual situation, it has caused me to be the one to back out of them before it can ever fully progress to intercourse.”