Knives Out follows a family gathering gone wrong, and an investigation into the death of the family patriarch. The patriarch, Harlan Thrombey, invites his family into his remote mansion to celebrate his birthday. He hopes that the event will unite his family. However, it all goes wrong when he is found dead the next morning.

Private eye, Benoit Blanc, takes over the investigation, and he focuses on members of his family. As he conducts the interviews, secrets and multiple motives come to light. Last night’s events reveal that Harlan’s caretaker, Marta, was partly responsible for his death. Marta gave Harlan more medication than normal, and Harlan knew that the medication would kill him.

Harlan slit his own throat to protect Marta from being responsible for his death. Marta passes her interrogation, but she is still the main suspect in the investigation. The family sympathizes with Marta, but they turn on her after finding out that Harlan left her all of the inheritance.

They realize that if she is found guilty, the inheritance will revert to them. As the movie progresses, we find out that Marta is not as innocent as she looks. She tricks her savior, Ransom, into admitting to murder and arson. Ransom realizes Marta’s deception, but it’s already too late. The family watch in disbelief as Ransom is taken away by police while Marta drinks from Harlan’s signature coffee cup.

Will Knives Out Come To Netflix?

Unfortunately, it is highly unlikely that Knives Out will come to Netflix.

The film will be distributed by Lionsgate Films, which has a complicated relationship with Netflix. Netflix and Lionsgate’s relationship broke down in 2015, and there are no signs of reconciliation.

Lionsgate has a deal with Hulu, and it is likely that Knives Out will come to Hulu after several months.

Similar films on Netflix

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