Kim Potter was found guilty of two counts of manslaughter for the fatal shooting of Daunte Wright. Potter shot Daunte during a traffic stop as he resisted arrest for an outstanding warrant. The jury took four days to agree on a verdict, and at some point, it seemed like they wouldn’t agree. 

Potter claimed that she mistook her gun for a taser. Daunte’s parents, Katie and Aubrey Wright, were visibly overwhelmed by emotion following the verdict. Aubrey tried to speak but couldn’t, and Katie let out a ‘yelp’ as the jury read its verdict. 

Kim Potter’s husband, Jeff Potter, yelled, ‘I love you, Kim.’ ‘I love you back,” Kim responded

Kim’s husband, Jeff Potter, is a former police officer

Jeff Potter became a police officer after earning a degree in law enforcement from Lakewood Community College. He served in the Fridley Police Department for nearly three decades until his retirement in 2017. Jeff then became a security officer for Allina Health. 

Kim and Jeff met in high school and started their relationship. They married and have two sons together, one of whom is on military duty and the other in college. 

Authorities have barricaded The Potters’ residence in Minneapolis with metal fencing and concrete barriers to prevent property damage. 

Attorney General Keith Ellison that the verdict didn’t amount to justice, but it showed a willingness to hold law enforcement officers accountable for their actions. Ellison said:

“Justice would be restoring Daunte to life and making the Wright family whole again. Justice is beyond the reach that we have in this life for Daunte. But accountability is an important step, a critical necessary step on the road to justice for us all.”