On November 8, 2018, Jupiter went into Sagittarius. Jupiter is a lucky and fortunate planet. Indeed, it is known as the Greater Benefic. Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius, so when it is there, its power to give us good things is magnified. This planet goes through about one sign every year, so it has been 12 years since the last time Jupiter has been in Sagittarius. It will be in this sign until December 3, 2019.

What this means is that most people will experience great benefits this year. It also means that Thursday, which is Jupiter’s day, will be especially lucky! Different signs will experience Jupiter’s generous outpouring in different areas of their lives.

Read on to find out how Jupiter will bless you according to your Sun sign. (Please note, if you know your Ascendant or Rising Sign, this will be accurate for that sign as well).


You will feel a renewed sense of faith and optimism. You will be able to find a deep spiritual connection this year. Subjects like philosophy and religion will occupy your thoughts. You will contemplate the meaning of life. While these may seem like deep and serious subjects, they will bring you much happiness and joy.

Jupiter will smile on your travel plans this year, so go ahead and take the trip that you have been dreaming about. If you have been thinking of going back to school or writing a book, this will be a good time. You may even decide to learn a new language.

This year will be a time in which you can allow yourself to have the adventures that you enjoy so much!


For you, Jupiter’s blessings will be more inward than outward. This is a time in which you will be dealing with the inner workings of your mind and soul. It may not feel as pleasant for you as for other signs, but you will receive blessings of a quieter nature. While it may be hard to look at the parts of you that are hidden, you will reap great rewards if you do.

On a practical level, you may receive an inheritance this year. If you are owed money, it will come. This may also be the year in which you can pay off many or all of your debts.


If you are single, this may be the year in which you find Mr. or Ms. Right! If you are married or in a committed relationship, this would be a good time to have an adventure with your spouse. You will have a lot of fun, and it will deepen the love that you have for each other.

Partnerships of every kind will be prosperous while Jupiter is in Sagittarius, not just romantic ones. You may find a business partner who will help you to succeed financially. If you are in a business in which you see clients, you will get many new ones. It may seem overwhelming, but you will be able to handle it.


If you have been considering adopting a healthier lifestyle, Jupiter will give you all the help you need. This would be a good year to develop a new exercise routine or go on a diet. Actually, any kind of self-improvement will be successful this year.

You may want to take the time to get your house clean and organized. The projects you have been putting off will be possible now!

Another way Jupiter may show itself in your life this year is in the form of a new pet that comes into your life. This pet will bring you much in the way of satisfaction and joy.


Jupiter in Sagittarius will be especially lucky for you this year. Indeed, you may look back on this year as one of the best years of your life!

This will be a year of fun and creativity. If you are artistic, you will have a burst of inspiration and productivity. You will produce some of your greatest works!

Jupiter may also manifest in the form of a new love interest or a whirlwind romance. If you are trying to have children, this year you will be very likely to succeed. If you already have children, you will greatly enjoy your time with them and they will make you proud.

Relax and enjoy yourself!


This year, your home will be a very happy place. You will feel a renewed interest in your house. If you are thinking of buying a house, this may be the year you are able to do so. If you already have a house, this would be a good year to undertake a remodeling project. In particular, this would be a good time to finish your basement.

In addition to your physical home, you will be drawn to reconnect with your roots. You may want to research your genealogy or reconnect with your extended family. You are very likely to find hidden treasures and deep meaning if you do.

You may also develop an interest in history or archeology.


For you, anything involving communication will be extremely fortunate. This will be a good time to start a new blog or open a new social media account. Anything you post will get lots of views and likes. It may even go viral.

If there has been something that you have wanted to study or a new hobby that you have wanted to try, go for it! This would also be a good year to join or even start a book club.

If you have siblings or cousins, you will be spending more time with them. You will enjoy their company, and you will grow closer. Fortune could also come your way through them!


For you, fortune will come in the way of money. You have spent the previous year re-inventing yourself. Now is the time that all of the work you have done will finally pay off.

This will be a good time to invest, and you will receive great returns on your investments.

Enjoy the extra money, but these good times will not last forever, so be sure to set some aside for a rainy day and build your savings. You also may want to start a retirement account.

In addition to financial success, you will feel renewed confidence in yourself. You will no longer doubt your abilities.

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As Jupiter is going through your sign, you will receive the most benefits of all. You will experience the freedom to be yourself and do the things that you have always wanted to do. This will be a happy time of abundance.

Do be careful though and try not to over-indulge. If you, it may show in an increased waistline.

Aside from that, this will be an enjoyable year for you. You will experience happiness and good health. Let the generosity of Jupiter flow through you to your friends and family.

This may also be the year in which you discover your life’s purpose. You may also reinvent yourself. If you are thinking of starting a new career or hobby, go for it!


For you, this is a time of reflection. You probably will not have the outward luck that other signs do. Instead, you will be taking the time to let go of the things that no longer serve you. This will be a time of spiritual housecleaning.

If you do the work of letting go, you will receive the benefits of clarity and a deep peace of mind.

You are usually very hardworking and driven. Jupiter is asking to step aside from your ambition and decide what really matters to you. There is more to life than material success.


Good fortune will come to you through your friends and your associations. You will enjoy the company of your friends, and you will very likely make many new ones.

You may decide to join or start an organization or a community. If there is a cause or a charity that speaks to your heart, by all means, volunteer or donate to it. Your generosity will be rewarded.

This will also be the time in which many of your dreams will come true. This will mean that you have to find new goals for the future.


For you, you will be lucky in your career. You may receive a raise or a promotion. Your efforts and self-sacrifice will be noticed, and you will get recognition for it.

You are not used to being in the spotlight, so the extra attention may be a bit overwhelming for you. Don’t be shy! You have earned it! You give so much in so many ways. It is ok to receive accolades in return.

This may also be the year that you get married or take on a new and important responsibility.

It would also be good for you to spend more time with your mother this year. Your relationship is sure to deepen and grow if you do.