For a long time, Juan O. Savin was a voice bellowing Republican ideals and spreading QAnon conspiracy theories. We finally saw Juan’s face when he spoke at Patriot Double Down. Juan more than delivered to the expectant crowd, with his fiery speech interjected by cheers from his listeners. 

Savin has interviewed fellow far-right Republicans and conspiracy theorists on his podcast dubbed The Juan O’ Savin Podcast. Savin is also the author of a book titled Kid By The Side Of The Road

Now that we have a face to pair with the voice, let’s find out who Juan O. Savin is. 

Juan O. Savin’s real name is Wayne Willott, and he is a podcaster and author

It’s unclear where Wayne Willott got the pen name, Juan O. Savin. Wayne has become so popular as Juan O. Savin that he’s chosen to use that name in public. Goodreads’ description of his book reads:

“This book is a four-chapter transcript of speeches by Wayne Willott, using his nom de plume Juan O. Savin. Wayne is a major player in the Conspiracy movement having established for himself excellent credibility as a QAnon.”

Juan is a podcaster and an author and could be making his way into the film industry. Rumors claim that Juan and Passion of the Christ actor Jim Caviezel are working on an upcoming film. Twitter user Jim Stewartson tweeted:

“Ok, Caviezel is not just a mediocre actor, he is a genuine problem. He’s working with traumatic propagandist Juan O Savin on a new movie and he’s overtly calling for holy war. In this case, the final straw is masks.”

Some claim that Juan O. Savin is JFK Jr. coming back to lead America

A section of QAnon members believes that JFK Jr. didn’t die in a tragic plane crash in 1999. They opine that JFK Jr. went into hiding and is poised to come back to lead America as Donald Trump’s Vice President. 

Juan O. Savin is the latest person rumored to be JFK Jr. Internet conspiracy theories have compared the pair’s voices and physical features, concluding that Juan is the real deal, just like they claimed that a financial services manager from Pittsburgh named Vincent Fusca was the real deal. 

There’s no convincing some QAnon conspiracy theorists that JFK Jr. is dead. Author Will Sommer talked to the Independent about the dangers of such a bizarre belief:

“QAnon itself is obviously pretty dangerous. It’s hard to say whether people who believe the JFK Jr. [conspiracy] are more dangerous than the QAnon people who don’t. Part of the problem, just like with any QAnon belief, is that it’s so bizarre that it alienates people from their friends and family.”