Derek Luh’s role as Jordan Li in Gen V, a The Boys spinoff, is his biggest role yet. Luh gained popularity as a hip-hop artist – he collaborated with French Montana and toured with Machine Gun Kelly. “I’m so incredibly blessed to be part of such a sick show and work alongside an unbelievably talented group of people,” Luh wrote on Instagram after booking the role of Jordan Li. 

Derek Luh is Chinese, Irish, Native American, Scottish, and Italian

Derek Luh is of mixed ethnicity. He revealed on Sidewalk Talks in December 2017 that he is Chinese, Irish, Native American, Scottish, and Italian. Luh is a quarter Chinese. 

The actor added that his father is Italian, Irish, and Chinese, and his mom is Native American, Irish, and Scottish. “We are not sure about my dad’s side,” Luh said, “but I know my mom. We just know that my grandparents on my dad’s side are Irish, Italian, and Chinese. So he’s half Chinese and that makes me a quarter Chinese.”He revealed that the name ‘Luh’ is Mandarin. 

Luh was born on 24th June 1992 in Santa Clarita, California. He revealed that he was a rebellious, attention-seeking teenager. “I was a bad kid,” he stated. “I was getting in a lot of trouble. I like to be center stage. You know, I’m an entertainer.”