Netizens have placed Jonathan Majors at the forefront of discussions about the alleged emasculation of Black men in show business. Majors appeared on the cover of Ebony magazine in pink and wearing denim boots. The actor’s release of more colorful photos from the shoot intensified allegations of Hollywood’s emasculation of Black men. 

Proponents of this theory scrutinize photos to their slightest details, citing facial expressions, body placement, and the position of the model’s crotch as evidence of the conspiracy. Asap Rocky’s photoshoot with Rihanna and their son also fueled claims that there’s a hidden agenda against Black men. 

Those who’ve yet to catch up with emasculation claims lodged inquiries about Jonathan Majors’ sexuality. 

Jonathan Majors is not gay and is currently single

Jonathan Majors is not gay. When queried about the internet storm caused by his Ebony photoshoot, Majors replied, “It’s always good to make a ruckus.”

Majors has shown that his sexuality won’t limit his career. In When We Rise, Majors played the role of Ken Jones, a gay rights activist. Majors talked to Gold Derby about portraying Jones:

“[I] looked at it from the point of view of Ken, what he was dealing with, one being African American, two being Christian, three being in the military, and what it would’ve been like with what relations were – or the lack of relations – in those three specific communities around homosexuality.”

Majors sparked gay rumors when he talked about his unique bonding session with Devotion costar Glen Powell. He told Jimmy Kimmel that the pair visited a Russian Turkish bathhouse and got naked together. Majors said:

“I walked him into the ninth circle of hell… Completely naked. We sweated it out, we took a handshake, and then we went to the Ludlow House and had a few mezcals.”

Jonathan Mayers is currently single. He has a mixed-race daughter that he adores from a previous relationship. Though she spends most of her time in Atlanta, Georgia, Mayers ensures that the pair share quality time. 

Jonathan talked to W Magazine about a piece of advice he shared with her when she complained about her hair:

“You have a crown. That’s why your hair goes up. Your hair, your crown, came from daddy, came from his mama, came from his father, came from his sister. Sometimes that crown can get you in trouble in this world, and it’s not right. And some people want to take that crown from you.”