UglyDolls is a computer-animated movie based on a line of plush toys that were launched in 2001. This line started when David Horvath sketched a small doodle in a love letter to his girlfriend, Sun-Min Kim, and she sewed a stuffed toy based on this doodle. From this stuffed toy, this couple created an entire franchise. Since its beginning, this franchise has had toy lines, art exhibits, and TV appearances.

In the movie, these dolls live in Uglyville. For those who remember the 1964 television special, Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Uglyville is like a modern-day “Island of Misfit Toys.” This is where dolls that are imperfect or flawed live out their lives.

While most of the residents of Uglyville are content with their existence, there is one doll named Moxy, who dreams of finding a child who loves her in “the big world.” Moxy is played by Kelly Clarkson, and UglyDolls is about her adventures.

UglyDolls is not on Netflix at the present time.

UglyDolls came out in theaters on May 3, 2019, and the moment, that is the only way to see this film. The production company is STXfilms. It was written by Alison Peck and directed by Kelly Asbury. In addition to Kelly Clarkson, the cast includes many prominent names in pop music, including Janelle Monáe, Blake Shelton, Charli XCX, Pitbull, Nick Jonas, Wanda Sykes, and Gabriel Iglesias.

So far, UglyDolls has not received very good reviews. As of the date of this writing, it has received an aggregate score of 46% on Rotten Tomatoes.

On the other hand, several reviewers seem to like the message of UglyDolls, which is that you don’t need to be perfect to be loved and to be happy. Instead, it is important to be who you really are.

This movie also seems to be re-energizing the UglyDolls franchise. Several of the characters are available to purchase as plush toys. There are books and games available, and Amazon even has a special deal on their Echo Dot Kids Edition which includes UglyDolls skins.

Will UglyDolls be coming to Netflix? Where to Stream and Watch

UglyDolls will not be coming to Netflix.

In May of 2018, long before UglyDolls came out in theaters, STXfilms made a deal with Hulu to give them exclusive access to the shows based on this franchise, including this movie. There is also an animated series in production that will have 26 episodes for streaming on Hulu. Because of this, Netflix will not be able to get any of the shows in this franchise.

As of now, there is no information on when UglyDolls will be available for streaming on Hulu or even when it will be released on DVD or Blue-ray.

While UglyDolls will not be available on Netflix, there are many other children’s shows available for streaming right now, including the Netflix film, Super Monsters: Forever Friends, Dreamwork’s, The Boss Baby: Back in Business, six seasons of Trolls: The Beat Goes On, and The Emoji Movie.