Selena Gomez made plenty of headlines following her appearance at the Video Music Awards: she earned praise for her simple yet stylish outfit; people celebrated her VMA win alongside Rema for Best Afrobeats; she amused the internet with her reaction to Chris Brown’s nomination for Best R&B. Rumors also emerged claiming Selena is pregnant. 

Selena Gomez is not pregnant; she is not dating

Selena Gomez is not pregnant. The pregnancy rumors started after an X user claimed they spotted a baby bump. 

Other Twitter refuted the speculation, affirming Selena is not expectant. “I knew people would say this because they think women have to have flat stomachs and think it’s okay to judge a woman’s body, but Selena Gomez is NOT pregnant,” one user wrote.

Selena Gomez is currently single. She told Sirius XM’s Hits 1 LA that people ‘confuse standards with high maintenance’. Selena stated she is not afraid to lay down requirements for a partner. She continued:

“I think everybody goes through the phase of, ‘Oh, it’d be nice to like have someone,’ and I get that. But you know, I’m just enjoying where I’m at, and I just want to be happy with who I am so that whenever that person comes into my life, I can just have them add on to me instead of being this insecure, you know, person that I normally used to be.”