Monica McNutt is a sports analyst for ESPN who hopes to become a gameshow host someday. She also hopes to inspire young black women to become successful. “I don’t take it for granted,” the ESPN star told, “and I know how much it has taken me to get to this place. For me, the creed of leaving bread crumbs, showing what can be and moving in a way that is gracious – is important.”

Monica McNutt is dating Chuck Adams; her marital status is unclear

Monica McNutt is in a relationship with Chuck Adams. As a result of McNutt’s secrecy, we know little about Chuck or their relationship. 

It’s unclear whether McNutt and Chuck are married. Some reports claim they are a married couple, but no reliable evidence supports that allegation. 

McNutt’s major commitments are furthering her career and inspiring younger generations. She continued: “I feel so strongly about being connected in a meaningful way, especially when it comes to women’s basketball and Black girls. I’m trying to make myself available to young people.”