Missing is a screenlife thriller that focuses on the disappearance of Grace, June Allen’s mother, after she leaves on a romantic trip with her new boyfriend, Kevin. Allen arrives at the airport to pick them up, but neither shows up. 

June calls their hotel, whose desk clerk tells her that Grace and Kevin left without their luggage. With help from her classmate Veena and Javi, a courier she hires in Colombia, June hacks her mother’s and Kevin’s online accounts, searching for clues about their whereabouts. 

Unfortunately, June’s discoveries raise more questions than answers and increase concerns about her mother’s safety. 

Missing is not based on a true story but addresses contemporary societal issues

Missing is not based on a true story. It’s based on a fictional story written by Aneesh Chaganty and Sev Ohanian, who also wrote the film’s predecessor, Searching

Nevertheless, Missing addresses contemporary issues in society. For instance, the film shows how easily one’s life can be traced through a digital footprint. 

June, who we assume has everyday knowledge about technology, follows the digital trail left by her mother’s phone up to her disappearance. She also watches Grace from cameras in Colombia and tracks her spending. 

Furthermore, Missing highlights how the internet has turned people into amateur detectives. With information readily available on the internet, June doesn’t wait for the police to investigate, placing herself in danger. 

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