Greg Carr told 60 Minutes that in 2004 he could drive the trails of Gorongosa National Park without seeing a single animal. The decades-long war in Mozambique eliminated 95% of the wildlife in the national park. Carr decided to pour the wealth he’d earned as a businessman into the park’s restoration. “We drive around, and there is an ocean of wildlife,” Carr talked to 60 Minutes about the overwhelming success of his philanthropic project.

Greg Carr has never married and doesn’t have children

Greg Carr has never married and has no children. After earning his wealth, Carr immersed himself in the restoration of Gorongosa National Park, funded by his non-profit organization, the Gregory C. Carr Foundation. 

Carr likely wouldn’t have spent so much time and money on the project had he married or started a family. The philanthropist told Scott Pelley of 60 Minutes that he spent over $100 million restoring Gorongosa. Carr said:

“You could probably do the math and figure it out, it’s more than $100 million. My message to anybody with money is, I mean what are you gonna do, stick it all in your casket? I mean, why not enjoy the joy of philanthropy? I would say to the billionaire next door go out and enjoy spending your money to help some people.”