Fatima Whitbread is a former javelin thrower who reinvented herself into a reality television star. Whitbread appears in 2023’s I’m a Celebrity… South Africa. In an interview on This Morning, she described her experience filming the series as ‘very, very stressful’. “You’re living in fight or flight mode all the time.”

Fatima Whitbread hasn’t remarried since divorcing Andy Norman in 2006

Fatima Whitbread is single. She hasn’t remarried since divorcing Andy Norman in 2006. 

Whitbread and Norman, a controversial athletics promoter, started dating shortly after his divorce in the mid-1980s. The couple married in 1997, and the following year, they welcomed a son, Ryan. 

“I felt I would be a good mum,” Whitbread told The Guardian. “I believed in myself. It was important for me to be able to prove that I could be a good mum and break the mould of what I’d been through.”

Shortly after Ryan was born, Norman abandoned Whitbread for another athlete. In 2006, the couple divorced, remaining in touch to raise Ryan. A year later, Norman died of a heart attack. 

Whitbread had to sell the family home to settle debts Norman had taken out in her name. She rebuilt her profile and wealth through reality television.