Thanks to TikTok, the song Good Looking by Dixon Dallas has become a viral sensation. The country hit, which Dallas claims is the number-one country song at the moment, lucidly describes sexual relations between two men. The song has become a hit partly because country music rarely, if ever, celebrates gay relationships. 

Dixon Dallas is not gay; he is single

Dixon Dallas is the country-singing alter ego of musician Jake Hill. Jake, and by extension Dallas, is not gay. 

He previously dated a girl named Courtney. Jake announced the couple’s breakup via the following Instagram story message: “Me and Courtney broke up. As most of you know, we’ve been by each other’s side since day 1. We’re all good and Im gonna make sure she is taken care of. There’s no animosity towards each other and I still support her with whatever she does in life.” Jake Hill is currently single. 

Good Looking is Dixon Dallas’ second attempt at creating a viral gay country song. His first try, a single dubbed Like Whiskey, was similar to Good Looking, but it didn’t break the internet like Good Looking

Country music has become more accepting of the LGBTQ+ community, but most country romance songs describe heterosexual relationships. Dallas defies the norm, creating music that graphically describes same-sex relations. In pre-TikTok times, it’s unlikely that the song would have reached such a broad audience. 

T.J. Osborne, an openly gay country singer, talked to Time about the perils of coming out as a country music artist: “There are times when I think I’ve marginalized this part of me so that I feel better about it. You know that thing, ‘Stand for something or you’ll fall for anything?’ … That sounds like something someone in country music would say. But if you stand for something and it’s not what they stand for, then they hate it.”