Bobby Bones is an American radio host popular for hosting The Bobby Bones Show. Bones broadcasts his show from WSIX-FM studio in Nashville on weekday mornings. His nationally syndicated show is popular across the US, Canada, and the UK. Bobby has interviewed many music stars, including Ed Sheeran, Dierks Bentley, Blake Shelton, and Taylor Swift.

Bones has released two books – Bare Bones, I’m Not Lonely if You’re Reading This Book, and Fail Until You Don’t: Fight. Grind. Repeat – both of which were number 1 New York Times Best Sellers. In 2018, Bobby and Sharna Burgess won Dancing with the Stars. 

This piece will look at Bobby Bones’ love life. We can confirm that he isn’t married but he is in a serious relationship.

Bobby and Caitlin Parker were married in the backyard of their Nashville home on 17th July 2021

Bobby Bones and Caitlin Parker

Bobby and Caitlin Parker wed on the evening of 17th July 2021 in the backyard of their Nashville home. They chose the backyard because the house represented a fresh start for them. “It was just – if we’re getting married in Nashville, we’re getting married at the house,” Parker told People.

“I will not see her until she’s walking down the aisle,” Bobby told People. He was mortified at the thought of even seeing her dress beforehand. “Bobby’s very superstitious about it,” Parker told People. He doesn’t even want me to say the word ‘dress.’ He won’t look at my phone – he’s afraid a picture will pop up.”

Bones couldn’t gather the courage to walk into the closet where the Galia Lahav gown hang. He finally saw the dress as Caitlin walked down the aisle clutching her father’s arm. “His blessing means a lot to me,” Parker said of her father’s gesture. “And I just like the idea of being passed over from my favorite man in the world to my new favorite man in the world.”

The couple’s two dogs, Eller and Stanley, also strutted down the aisle clad in bow ties and pearls. Caitlin and Bones dedicated emotional vows to each other before Parker’s childhood minister Jeff Elkins. “I don’t have a godfather,” Caitlin said, “but if I did, it would be him [Elkins]. He was the only option.”

The celebrity guests at the wedding included Chuck Wicks, Jake Owen, and Charlamagne Tha God.

Bobby proposed to Caitlin after the couple moved in together in Nashville

Bobby proposed to Caitlin

Bobby and Caitlin dated long-distance for the first few months of their relationship. Every time Bones picked Caitlin up at the airport, he would bring her drinks from Sonic. The couple’s wedding featured food and drinks from the Sonic Drive-In that Bobby got drinks from when he picked Parker up.

The couple described the Sonic snacks as the ‘most personal part of the night’ as it reminded them of the turmoil at the early stages of their relationship. “So to have that as a big part of our wedding means a lot to us,” Bones said.

After the pandemic hit in March 2020, Parker moved to Nashville to quarantine with Bones. “I’d rather be with my boyfriend locked in the house than by myself in L.A. locked in the house,” Parker thought. Bones tried to keep Caitlin in Nashville for as long as possible. “When she finally agreed to move here, I just knew I was going to propose,” Bobby said.

Bones proposed after the couple moved from his bachelor pad to their Nashville home. Matt popped the question in their barn in the backyard. After she said yes, the couple stepped out to a special performance by Mat Kearney. “She said that it was at Mat’s concert during this song that she knew I was the one for her,” Bones wrote on Instagram.

Caitlin told People that despite some trying times, the relationship never felt difficult, and that’s how she knew Bones was the one. “When I’m with him, there’s such a strong sense of peace about us no matter what it is we’re going through that day,” she told People. “I just know he is the one for me.”

Bobby told Bear Grylls that Caitlin reignited his belief in love. “I’d only seen it on movies or read about it in books,” Bobby said. “And if you never experienced it, you start to go, ‘Either something’s wrong with me, or everybody’s lying.’ And so I met her and then it was just like a recharge inside of me.”

Bobby fell for his wife Caitlin Parker before she fell for him

Caitlin Parker and Bobby Bones

Bobby met Parker thanks to mutual friends at ABC’s taping of Dancing with the Stars. The couple didn’t hit it off immediately, and they started talking one month later via Instagram. When they finally decided to meet up, Bones thought that he and Parker were out for a date, but Parker didn’t think it was a date. Bones told People:

“We went out, and then we went out again, and we were luckily at the point in our relationship where it was like, ‘Hey, do you want to quarantine together?’ So she came here [to Nashville] from Los Angeles – we’ve been her for several weeks and it’s been great.”

Bones had been single for a few years before he started dating Parker. He told Pop Culture that his busy schedule had hampered him from being in a relationship. He said: “We had diner and she was like, ‘What’s up? Why don’t you have a girlfriend?’ And so, I just pulled out my phone, I said, ‘Here’s my calendar.’ I’ve got myself to a point where I’m in a different city every week.”

Bobby and his ex-girlfriend Lindsay Ell ended their relationship because it was hampering her career

Lindsay Ell and Bobby Bones
Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Bobby and Lindsay were friends for many years before they started dating. They waited for a while before going public with their relationship because they feared that it would negatively affect Lindsay’s career. Their prediction proved true as in early 2017, a Sacramento radio station dropped Ell from one of their shows due to her relationship with Bobby.

As 2017 went by, radio stations stopped playing Lindsay’s music because of her association with a rival presenter. Ultimately, the couple opted to split up to benefit Lindsay’s career. Bobby revealed on his show:

“It started to put a stress in our relationship to me where I felt it was my fault because she wasn’t able to get anything going. Her whole life she’s tried to make it as an artist. She finally puts out a record and the record goes No. 1 and then radio stations all over the country won’t play it because she’s dating me, it was weird stress that amplified everything else.”

Lindsay was devastated after the breakup, but she had to prioritize her career. She posted the following caption alongside an October 2017 Instagram post: “Life is hard sometimes… and doesn’t always go the way you want. Love should always win, no matter what. But life isn’t always in our control. This isn’t what I wanted.”