Adley Rutschman was the first overall selection of the 2019 MLB draft. The Baltimore Orioles paid Adley $8.1 million as a draft signing bonus, a record payout at the time. Adley has more than justified his hefty salary since his debut in May 2022. He started the 2023 season in style, batting 5-for-5 with a home run, becoming the first major league player to do so on Opening Day since 1937. 

Adley Rutschman is not married; he was reportedly linked with Alli Schwarm

Adley Rutschman is not married. The baseball star is very secretive about his dating life. Nevertheless, he doesn’t seem to be dating anyone at the moment. 

Adley was linked with Alli Schwarm, who appeared on his Instagram page in May 2016. “Finally got to take this beautiful girl to a dance,” Adley captioned the photo. It seems the pair broke up, as Alli doesn’t appear again on Adley’s Instagram page. She is based in Waimea, Hawaii, while he resides in Baltimore, Maryland.