21 Savage isn’t big on sharing the details about his love life. Nevertheless, fans are determined to know every last detail about the rapper’s romantic interests. 21 Savage recently hit tabloid headlines after going out on a date with his alleged wife. Let’s take a closer look at 21 Savage’s love life. 

21 Savage is reportedly married to Keyana Joseph, the mother of his two sons

21 Savage said on ClubHouse that he doesn’t have a celebrity girlfriend. “I’ve been hot for a long time,” the London-born rapper said. “I don’t do all the antics and shit. I don’t got a celebrity girlfriend.”

The A Lot hitmaker was telling the truth. He is reportedly married to Keyana Joseph, the mother of his two sons, Kamari and Ashaad. Keyana, who has a private Instagram page, recently posted a photo on her Instagram Stories captioned ‘Date night’. 21 Savage didn’t feature in the image, but fans claim his phone appears in the background. 

It’s unclear whether Keyana and 21 Savage are married. Nevertheless, many reports state that Keyanna Joseph is 21 Savage’s wife. 

The mother of 21 Savage’s daughter, Rhian, is unknown. 21 Savage’s children live a wealthy lifestyle: he once spent $40,000 at a Gucci store for his kids. The rapper said he wants to ensure his children are catered for when he dies:

“I wanna leave behind a plane and a big fucking house. Owned 100%, and I wanna have a company, an establishment that’s making a lot of money.”

21 Savage spends time with his children publicly and privately. “I want to be more like a superhero than a model,” he stated. The rapper said he is more protective of Rhian, who doesn’t appear in public with him as much as his sons do. 

21 Savage appeared with Kamari and Ashaad at the Issa Back 2 School Drive in August 2019, the Bulls v Hawks game in December 2022, and the 2023 NBA All-Star game. 

21 Savage is reportedly dating rapper Latto

Rumors about Latto and 21 Savage’s relationship sparked in late 2020. Latto shot down the rumors in an interview with Wild 94.1. “No,” she said when asked whether she was dating 21 Savage. “It’s videos on YouTube of me performing with him at the Palace, I think that was the Palace. Like it be real respect, you know what I’m saying?”

The links died down for a while until 21 Savage posted a birthday cake featuring the following message, “Lemme suck that dick.” 21 Savage didn’t say who sent the cake, but fans assumed it came from Latto. 

Since then, reports about the couple’s relationship have persisted. Latto claims she has a wealthy partner but hasn’t revealed his identity. On 29th March 2022, she tweeted:

“What’s bare minimum? The Lamborghini he bought? The pink corvette? The pink Richard Mille? 1 of my 20 birkins? Ain’t nun bare minimum bout my love life babe. Not to mention I GET THE DICK TO MYSELF. But it’s his emotional support that do it for me! U hating from outside the club.”

Fans suspect that Latto’s boyfriend is 21 Savage. They cite Kodak Black’s Instagram Live video in which he said he couldn’t pursue a relationship with Latto due to his respect for 21 Savage and Latto’s ‘Sheya’ tattoo (21 Savage’s real name is Sheyaa). However, Latto denied that she is anyone’s mistress, tweeting:

“I whole ass LIVE w my man. Ion even CUM 2nd! Y’all need to get off them tea pages & go touch grass! My privacy is driving u up a wall. Mistress to who? Why they don’t see cars, diamonds, etc? Cause y’all know I’m spoiled 2 DEATH! Uon know me & Uon got it figured out like AT ALL.”