The third installment of The Conjuring, dubbed The Devil Made Me Do It, was released in June 2021 to an expectant audience. The first two iterations of the show had captivated and horrified fans, who were eager to see what director James Wan had in store for them. 

Wan drew from the first murder American court case featuring a ‘devil made me do it’ defense. The defendant in that case, Arne Cheyenne Johnson, attempted to abdicate responsibility for murder by claiming demonic possession. The judge denied this defense, but on further investigation, a fascinating yet chilling backstory regarding demons and exorcisms emerged. 

Demons and exorcisms are a staple of the horror/thriller genre, but what fans want to know is how scary The Conjuring 3 is. 

The Conjuring 3 is not as scary as the first two Conjuring films

If you made it through The Conjuring 1 and 2, chances are that you will breeze through The Devil Made Me Do It. Like the first two films, The Conjuring 3 gets its story from one of Ed and Lorraine Warren’s ghost-hunts. 

Unlike the first two films, however, The Conjuring 3 doesn’t take time to build tension before throwing ghosts and demons at the audience. It does little to build the fear factor around the demon in the film, and as such, it lacks the tense horror of the last two films. 

For instance, in the first film, the showrunners spent an hour building tension before Bathsheba’s first appearance. Nevertheless, The Conjuring 3 features an engaging story with an interesting crime drama that will keep you entertained. 

You are probably wondering whether The Conjuring 3 is worth the watch if it won’t keep you up at night. The answer is yes; you should watch it up to the post credits scene – that’s where it gets scary. 

An audio recording of the true events depicted in the film plays in the end. Audiences can hear people conversing with a demon, demanding that it leaves their son. The possessed boy laughs maniacally and talks in a creepy, deep voice. 

Exorcisms are common in films, but hearing a real-life exorcism play out will keep you awake longer than usual. Fans on Twitter concur that the audio clip was perhaps the scariest part of the film. 

The Conjuring 3 might not be as scary as The Conjuring 1 and 2, but it has a story to keep you interested and a post-credits scene that will have you quaking in your boots. 

Fans enjoyed the relationship between Ed and Lorraine Warren in the film

ed and lorraine warren

Romance isn’t synonymous with James Wan films, but that changed slightly in The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It. Ed and Lorraine Warren (played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) had some adorable scenes together in The Conjuring 3, which fans enjoyed seeing. 

A section of fans even felt that the romance overshadowed the horror element of the film. Vera Farmiga has portrayed Lorraine Warren in the Conjuring Universe films, and she feels that the paranormal fiction has sipped into her real life.

“Like right now my toilet paper,” she told MTV UK. “Every time I pull out a sheet of toilet paper, these five little claw marks fall to the floor. I am serious! Do you want me to bring the computer to show you?” Her co-star, Patrick Wilson, expressed his doubts. “Patrick, don’t roll your eyes at me!” Vera exclaimed. 

Vera doesn’t fear the supernatural, however, as she feels that she has enough experience to handle anything thrown at her. “I’m 1000% convinced that I can bind any demon after playing this role,” she said