Social media star Huey Haha passed away on 25th October 2021, his family confirmed via Instagram. Haha, an American with Vietnamese roots posted hilarious and vulgar videos that earned him millions of views across TikTok and YouTube. The California native ‘had half of Stockton laughin’ at his skits,’ one fan wrote on Twitter.

Huey, whose real name is Huey Ha, made jokes about guns and weed and mocked cancel culture. His sudden demise has shocked fans in light of the deaths of other influencers in recent months. Huey leaves behind a 2-year-old daughter named Princess Ha. 

Huey’s cause of death is yet to be confirmed, but rumors claim that he committed suicide

“Rest In Peace to Huey Ha,” Huey’s death announcement reads. “He loved and appreciated every single one of his supporters.”

A GoFundMe campaign set up to cater for Huey’s funeral and assist his daughter smashed the $15,000 target within hours. At the time of writing, the campaign has raised a little over $37,000

Huey’s cause of death has yet to be confirmed, but rumors claim that the comedian committed suicide. “It has been confirmed from a few different sources close to his family that Huey took his own life by a self-inflicted gunshot wound,” the Instagram account Jackfoort claims.

No credible source has verified the account’s claims. 

In the weeks before his death, Huey had raised concern for his mental health. “Fuck life,” Huey wrote on Twitter before deleting his account. He then posted a short video titled When you bipolar, which offered some insight into living with the condition. 

Huey had previously opened up about his tough childhood in Stockton via video for the ShotBy Manzo YouTube channel. Ha’s parents struggled to feed him and his five siblings.

School provided some relief as it provided him with food. He went into foster care in his early teens, but two families kicked him out for smoking marijuana. 

In early September 2021, he posted photos from a shoot with his daughter alongside the following caption: “Wish I could be better for you.” Ha never revealed the specifics of his mental health struggles, even when fans implored him to open up. 

We and his legion of fans will surely miss the comedian.