Joseph Robert Wilson, the gamer behind the popular YouTube channel Mitten Squad, died on December 14, 2023. He left behind his parents, Wayne and Lesa, and his brother, Jeffrey. Joseph’s challenge videos were wildly popular – he would come up with crazy gaming challenges and post videos of his hilarious attempts to overcome the odds. 

Mitten Squad’s cause of death is unclear; he took a break from YouTube to battle alcohol addiction

Mitten Squad’s cause of death remains a mystery. He took a break from YouTube a year ago to battle alcohol addiction. The signs were that he was close to resuming video production soon. 

Fans online continue to mourn his sudden demise. “Paul was my favorite YouTuber for a very long time, his format and dry humor was the exact kind of content I was into,” a fan posted on Mitten Squad’s Reddit page. “3 weeks ago he gave us an update and confirmation that he would one day return to YouTube. That made me so happy, then I found out he’s died. Rest in Peace. Thank you for everything.”