Curious George is a popular animated series inspired by a children’s book illustrated by H.A. Rey and Margret Rey. The first Curious George book was published in 1941 by Houghton Mifflin. It tells the story of George’s capture by The Man in the Yellow Hat in Africa and his transportation to America. 

George and The Man in the Yellow Hat are the two main characters in Curious George. The Man in the Yellow Hat is always on hand to assist George whenever the monkey’s curiosity gets him in a fix. Unfortunately, as you shall see below, The Man in the Yellow Hat’s actions cause the pair’s deaths. 

Curious George isn’t really dead; he is alive in books and on-screen productions.

Curious George was killed by The Man in the Yellow Hat in a revenge plot

A fan theory claims The Man in the Yellow Hat killed Curious George in Mt. Slinccy on April 2523rdg by running him over with a bus owned by pedophile Vanna White. 

It alleges that White used the van labeled ‘free candy’ to lure and kidnap children. George, a monkey, not a human, was excluded by White, much to George’s anger and disappointment. 

The Man in the Yellow Hat, angry at George, arose from his nap at 6:02 a.m. The monkey had trashed The Man’s apartment and used his yellow hat to prepare a meal. Seeking revenge, The Man in the Yellow Hat began searching for George. 

He reportedly wanted to ‘beat the living hell out of George’ for ‘failing to sell overpriced coffee to orphans’. At 6:60 a.m., The Man in the Yellow Hat spotted George humping a fire hydrant. Enraged, The Man in the Yellow Hat stabbed the driver of the bus he was riding in and took control of the vehicle. 

He made a U-turn and crashed into Curious George, killing the monkey. The theory claims that the heavy public bus crushed Curious George’s bones. Surveillance cameras reportedly captured The Man in the Yellow Hat snorting George’s bone marrow. 

Investigators arrested The Man in the Yellow Hat and sent him to the Kektuncy State Penitentiary in Rebabone. He was found guilty of double murder and sentenced to public execution by hanging. Despite his gruesome actions, The Man in the Yellow Hat received praise for George’s murder.