Memphis rapper Big Scarr (real name Alexander Woods) died on 22nd December 2022, aged 22. Scarr had no interest in rap music until but got drawn to it by his friend and fellow artist Baby K. In 2019, Big Scarr released his debut track, Make a Play, on YouTube. 

Scarr’s talent was evident for all to see. Gucci Mane rushed to sign the coveted and fast-rising rapper, tying Scarr to his record label 1017 records in 2020. In 2021, Big Scarr released his biggest hit, SolcyBoyz, alongside his cousin Pooh Shiesty and fellow rapper Foogiano. The song’s third and last installment featured Gucci Mane.

Big Scarr died of an accidental overdose on prescription medication

Big Scarr died in his girlfriend’s house due to a drug overdose, his uncle, Arthur Woods, told TMZ. Woods said he didn’t know why Scarr was on meds but revealed that the late rapper faced several traumatic experiences. 

When Big Scarr was 16, he was involved in a nasty car accident that left a big scar on his body, inspiring his rap name. In 2020, Scarr was shot in the hip, with the bullet traveling up his spine and forcing him to have his appendix removed. 

Arthur also revealed that Big Scarr suffered from depression stemming from his grandmother’s death.