Ashley Lovelace was an American social media star who tragically passed away on 21st January 2019 after committing suicide. Lovelace had amassed an Instagram following of over 500K before her death. Ashley provided a breath of fresh air and optimism every time she posted on social media.

She had the rare ability to make friends and connect with anyone who dared click on her content. Her infectious personality proved irresistible to thousands of fans who gravitated to her posts like moths to a flame. The online community mourned her passing as it tried to understand what pushed someone so vibrant to taking their life.

This piece will look at Ashley Lovelace’s death.

Ashley’s family refused to blame anyone for her death, but fans speculated that Ashley committed suicide due to cyberbullying


Ashley’s family announced her death via a 22nd January 2019 Instagram post. The photo featured a message which thanked Ashley’s fans for being a constant source of joy and support for her.

Shocked fans immediately started trying to find someone or something to blame for Ashley’s suicide. They were certain that cyberbullying influenced Ashley’s decision to take her life. A section of fans pulled out screenshots attempting to prove that Ashley engaged in self-destructive behavior, but nobody noticed it in time.

Ashley’s family, however, blamed nobody. On 22rd January 2019, the family wrote on Ashley’s Instagram page that nobody was responsible for her death. The caption also contained an appeal to fans to stop speculating about her death:

“There is no blame on any of her peers at her school, her boyfriend or her friends. Ashley loved everyone even the ones that weren’t very nice to her. That’s who she was. We all are mourning. She is, was my angel God has sent to me for 16 years. So please out of respect to Ashley. Let’s remember her for her beautiful smile and heart.”

One of Ashley’s persistent bullies Tyler Edmonds took responsibility for Ashley’s death and he continues to express no remorse for his actions

Ashley Lovelace

Tyler Edmonds (also known as bardiidabully) was one of Ashley’s most constant and vile bullies. After her death, fans called out Tyler for his irresponsible actions, but Instead of expressing remorse, Tyler seemed to delight in his actions. When asked why he bullied Ashley so much, Tyler nonchalantly stated that he did it because he was bored. He then changed his Instagram bio to read:

“Yo roaches mad about Ashley get over it and yes I’m the reason why she gone. I love to bully and can’t wait to bully more.”

Edmond continues to receive criticism for his actions, but he seems to revel in it. It’s unclear whether he truly doesn’t feel remorse or whether his attitude is fueled by a desire to gain fame. Whichever the case, Tyler is a deeply unpopular character online. People should use social media to spread love and positivity, but characters like Tyler have turned it into a place so toxic that it drives young people with so much potential to suicide.