The film Hidden Murder Island tells the story of a woman, Fey, searching for answers after surviving an attack that claimed her friend’s life. Fey owes her life to a stranger from deep in the woods who rescued her just in time. As she unravels the mystery, Fey discovers that the truth is far more complicated than she initially imagined.

Hidden Murder Island is based on a true story

Hidden Murder Island is partially based on real events, though it’s unclear which true story inspired the film’s screenplay. Richard Lister, the screenwriter, hasn’t spoken about his inspiration for the movie. Still, the themes of murder and mystery are part of daily human life. Also, seemingly random attacks on vacationing women are not rare. 

The Associated Press reports that in June 2023, a man pushed two tourists off a cliff in southern Germany after luring them to a trail that leads to a viewpoint. In February 2011, two backpackers were brutally attacked by a person posing as a fellow camper on a remote beach in Australia, The Advertiser reports.