TikTok, originally an app for viral dances and humor, has morphed into so much more. It an avenue for advocacy and a channel people can use to ask for help from the billions that log in every day.

@hello.everyone.love.p. is a user on TikTok who we suspect is crying out for help. The suspicion is that she is in abusive relationship and needs help urgently.

TikTok user @acrello analyzed the content on @hello.everyone.love.p’s channel and concluded that she needs help

@acrello made a video pointing out that every first letter on @hello.everyone.love.p’s handle spells out HELP.

He also referenced a video in which she showed bruises on her body and made hand signals that suggest that she is experiencing violence. The user makes the subtle signals while showing her bruises.

@acrello also referenced a video by @hello.everyone.love.p’s channel saying ‘I don’t know if I want to stay, It’s really not that easy.”

@hello.everyone.love.p’s main channel has been suspended, but she has created another one titled @hello.everyone.love.p1. The channel features a video of showing her bruises and featuring the following caption: “Is this enough proof?’

The latest video on @hello.everyone.love.p’s page features an audio of someone crying

The latest video on her back-up page is horrifying to listen to as it features the cry of someone in complete distress. It might drive you to tears and it may be the video that alerts authorities towards the girl’s situation.

“I don’t know if this is 100% real, but I am not taking any chances,” @acrello says. “We need to do something, and do it fast.”


DOES THIS GIRL NEED OUR HELP?😳 #fyp @hello.everyone.love.p

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