Harriet is a biopic that was created to tell Harriet Tubman’s story. Harriet was an incredible woman who stood up for the black community at a time where such acts of bravery were unheard of. Tubman was born as a slave in 1822. Harriet was beaten just like other slaves, and she suffered a traumatic head wound as a result of the harsh treatment.

The injury meant that she had to deal with dizziness and hypersomnia for the rest of her life. However, that injury also brought strange visions and vivid dreams, which Harriet interpreted as messages from God.

Tubman escaped to Philadelphia in 1849, and soon after, she went back to rescue her family. Harriet and the rescued slaves traveled by night and in extreme secrecy. Tubman rescued more than 70 slaves using a series of roads and slave houses, which came to be known as the Underground Railroad. She used the Underground Railroad for eight years in which she claimed to have ‘never lost a passenger.’

Harriet’s continued to help slaves even after leaving the Underground Railroad. Her heroic acts earned has a special place in the black community. Cynthia Erivo played the role of Harriet Tubman.

Is Harriet coming to Netflix?

Focus Features will distribute Harriet in the USA and around the world. Focus Features is owned by Comcast through its subsidiary NBC. NBC plans to roll out its streaming service, Peacock, in April 2020.

NBC has promised to have 15,000 hours of content available on Peacock on the day of its release. It’s highly unlikely that NBC will hand streaming rights to a direct competitor. It is, therefore, highly unlikely that Harriet will come to Netflix.

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