The English language seemingly lacks enough superlatives to describe Grace Jones’s impact on music, fashion, and queer acceptance. Jones rose to prominence as a model in Paris in the 1970s – a time when racism hampered many black models. She switched to music, eventually becoming one of the pop icons of the 1980s. 

Jones’s androgynous fashion sense added to her allure and inadvertently made her a queer icon. A defier of societal norms, Grace hoped from one partner to another, often ending relationships in bizarre yet comical ways. 

Grace has avoided the spotlight since her last album dropped in 2008. Read on to find out what Grace Jones is doing now. 

Grace continues to tour with her old music and could be releasing new music

Grace Jones took a break from music after releasing her 2008 album Hurricane. She has collaborated on a couple of projects since but has yet to release new music. 

Nevertheless, Grace continues touring as people remain hooked to her old releases. Warm Leatherette, Grace’s breakout album, is still a fan favorite. 

Covid-19 interrupted Jones’ touring schedule, but she is set to return to the stage in 2021. In September 2021, she will perform at a charity gala to raise funds for NHS charities. She wrote on Instagram:

“I am delighted to announce that I will be performing at the THIS IS ICON charity gala event. The amazing guys Helen Georgio and Rachael Lewis at BUZZ MODE MODEL MANAGEMENT have partnered with the incredible NHS charities together to raise much needed funds for the mental well-being and support of the front line staff.”

Jones gave her adoring fans hope that she might release new music by posting photos of herself in the studio. “SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES!” Grace captioned one of the photos

It’s been nearly two years since Jones promised us ‘something wicked,’ but we remain hopeful that she will release something new. 

Grace has also taken a break from acting but was due to appear in the latest Bond film. She abandoned the project after finding out that she had a small role.

“It turns out Grace was expecting to play a bigger role in the movie, and took her brief cameo as a slight,” a source told The Sun. “She was out of there quicker than it takes to rustle up a Martini.”