Good Boys is a film about three sixth-grade boys, Max, played by Jacob Tremblay, Lucas, played by Keith L. Williams, and Thor, played by Brady Noon. They use the valued drone of Max’s father to spy on Max’s teenage neighbor, Hannah, who is played by Molly Gordon. They do this in order to learn proper kissing techniques.

The plan goes awry, and the drone gets destroyed. The boys also become in possession of ecstasy, which belongs to Hannah. This begins the escapades of the main characters.

Even though this film is about children, there is quite a bit of mature content, including swearing and discussion about sex. The cover poster clearly shows its R rating, as well as a picture with a line saying, “You must be this tall to see this movie,” with the actors standing well below that line.

Good Boys was directed by the television writer and producer, Gene Stupnitsky, and this was his directorial debut. Gene Stupnitsky also wrote the screenplay, along with Lee Eisenberg. Lee Eisenberg also makes an appearance in the movie as Leigh Eisenberg. Other stars of Good Boys include Lil Rel Howery, Will Forte, and Midori Francis.

Good Boys is currently in movie theaters. It had its world premiere at South by Southwest on March 11, 2019. It was released in theaters by Universal Pictures on August 16, 2019.

Will Good Boys be coming to Netflix in the future?

There are rumors that Good Boys will come to Netflix, but those rumors are probably unfounded. It is unlikely that Good Boys will come to Netflix.

There is a trailer for Good Boys on a YouTube channel called Netflix PK. Yet, this does not appear to be an official Netflix channel, and the comments underneath seem to mock the idea that Good Boys will come to Netflix.

Good Boys is being distributed by Universal Pictures, who has an exclusive contract with Netflix’s archrival HBO. Sometimes HBO declines to pick up animated shows from Universal Pictures, which then sometimes come to Netflix, but Good Boys is not an animated film.

Still, it is possible that HBO will not want Good Boys, and that Netflix will get it, but the probability is low.

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