There is nothing to hate and everything to love about Netflix’s GLOW. The comedy provide great insight into the rise to fame of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. It also presents us with great humor and a roller coaster of emotions that keep you glued to the screen.

The female-fronted series is a fan-favorite, and we can’t wait for season 4. Keep reading to find out all the information about the upcoming season.

When will Netflix release GLOW season 4?

Netflix announced in September that we will get GLOW for a fourth and final season. The news came as a relief for fans because there have always been rumors regarding cancellation of the show.

Netflix nearly cancelled the show after season 1 due to low viewership numbers. However, the streaming service ended up renewing GLOW for two more seasons. Rumors of a cancellation returned after the end of season 3, and we were worried.

Season 4’s announcement eased the fears of loyal GLOW fans, and now we can’t wait for the season 4 premiere. The last few seasons have premiered during the middle months of the year. We expect GLOW season 4 to premiere at around the same time in 2020.

What happened in Season 3?

GLOW season 3 saw the ladies take the show to Las Vegas. The season continued with its themes of racism and workplace inequality. The show was great throughout the season, but it saved most of the drama and suspense for the ending.

Former best friends, Ruth and Debbie, shattered their relationship in season 1, and the series has been slowly trying to rebuild their relationship. Debbie tries to restore the broken friendship by offering Ruth a director’s role in her newly acquired TV network. Debbie plans to create a new wrestling show, and she wants Ruth to direct it.

Debbie tells Ruth that her dreams of being an actor are unrealistic, and she would be better off taking the director’s position offered to her. Rather unexpectedly and in a show of defiance, Ruth declines Debbie’s offer so soon after losing another acting opportunity.

After getting frustrated with GLOW, Carmen chooses to follow her brother on a wrestling tour. She tells Debbie and Ruth that she wants to wrestle, and she can’t do that at GLOW. Sheila also sheds her costume after drawing confidence from Bobby.

What to expect from GLOW season 4

The ending of season 3 promised a whole different show in season 4. With Debbie becoming president of a television network, she promised a different type of GLOW. It might lead to new wrestling personas for the girls, and it will give a refreshing change to the show. It is also likely that the show will leave Las Vegas and return to Los Angeles.

Season 4 will also reveal whether Ruth will take Debbie’s offer. At the end of season 3, she appeared to decline her offer by boarding the plane home. Given her relationship with Debbie, it is unlikely that she will stay away. Another person that chose to leave was Carmen. It is difficult to imagine GLOW without Carmen, and we will also get to see whether she will return.

Families will also come into focus in season 4. Cherry and Keith will look into adoption to ensure that Cherry continues working as a wrestler. Bash admitted to Rhonda that he wants to start a family. However, his perspective could change after his encounter with a male gigolo, which caused him to question his sexuality.

No matter what happens, season 4 promises to be an emotional end to a great show. Betty Gilpin (Debbie) told Entertainment Tonight during the Emmys;

We’re so excited and we’re going to be sobbing uncontrollably when it’s over.