Eric the trainer, a personal fitness coach who worked with some of Hollywood’s stars, died on 24th November 2022. Eric, real name Eric Phillip Fleishman, had worked in the fitness industry for nearly three decades, earning fame by transforming the bodies and minds of UFC fighters, actors, and professional bodybuilders. 

Seven-time Mr. Olympia, Phil Heath, replied to the death announcement: “My heart sank seeing this. I don’t want to believe this at all. I’m gonna miss our talks Eric. Seeing you was always a breath of pure fresh air. Your energy will forever be something I remember for the rest of my life!”

Eric’s cause of death is unclear, but some posts suggest he committed suicide

Eric’s wife, Alysia, announced the trainer’s death, writing that Eric passed away ‘unexpectedly’ on the morning of 24th November 2022. The Instagram post read: “His wife Alysia, son, parents, and close friends/family are deeply saddened by this event. This loss is devastating, and we appreciate your thoughts and prayers.”

Alysia didn’t publicize Eric’s cause of death. Therefore, the reason behind Fleishman’s passing remains unclear.

However, some posts on social media suggest Eric committed suicide. John McCarthy, a commentator for Bellator MMA, tweeted: “Why didn’t you call… why didn’t you ask for help… you were my brother and I loved you @ErictheTrainer.”

Jon Lee Brody, a filmmaker and mental health advocate, replied: “Eric spent so much time taking care of others (he’s the reason you and I met) and it breaks my heart he forgot about himself in the process. Sending love to you and Elaine. Damn. This one really hurts.”

Brody also tweeted about the need to destigmatize mental illness: “I’ve heard mental illness be referred to as an ‘invisible disease.’ But we really gotta change that shit. No more stigmatizing. No more bottling it up. It’s time we all really talk about it & be open about it. It’s ok to not be ok. Youre not alone. You are loved. You are enough!”