Another season of the drama-filled Dynasty series is finally upon us. The show is a reboot of a 1980s series with the same name, but with several things changed.

Why we love Dynasty so much

The new series incorporates several changes compared to the 1980s series. However, the show still maintains an engaging story and entertaining drama. The show begins with Fallon Carrington finding out that her father (Blake) is in a relationship with her rival (Cristal) at the family company. Fallon is unhappy with the relationship, and she decides to break the couple up.

Her plans backfire spectacularly, and she ends up losing a promotion. In her desire for revenge, Fallon unites with her father’s enemy, and she leaves the company. Meanwhile, Cristal’s arrival at the mansion leads to more drama at the Carrington residence. Cristal has a shady past, and she feels that the brewing relationship between her nephew and Fallon’s brother will expose her.

The drama continues to flow as more Carrington family members return to the mansion. Each member has their own agenda, and it makes for an incredible watch. You never know what anyone is planning, but everyone has an agenda. That’s how the Carrington family works, and that’s why we love watching the family on Dynasty.

When will Dynasty season 3 be on Netflix?

In the U.S., CBS handles distribution of the show while Netflix handles distribution internationally. Therefore, for regions outside of the U.S., Dynasty appears as a Netflix original. In such regions, episodes of season 1 and 2 of the show used to arrive a day after they aired on CBS.

However, Dynasty season 3 premiered on 11th October, and Netflix is yet to update its library. We predict that Netflix plans to release season 3 once the season ends. Based on the first 2 seasons, Dynasty usually ends in May. You can expect Dynasty season 3 in May or June 2020.

Netflix subscribers in the U.S. usually get Dynasty a week or two after the season finale. You can expect Dynasty season 3 to appear in May or June 2020.

What to expect in Dynasty season 3.

In season 3, the cast will be forced to deal with the events of the season 2 finale. Fallon finds herself at odds with multiple characters, including her brother Sam.

Fallon will also attempt to stabilize her relationship with Liam, but demons from her past will threaten to come between the couple. Blake will also return to reclaim the family company that Fallon sold from under his nose.